Extra Thankful This Year


I've been scrolling through the Black Friday sales all afternoon and loaded my shopping carts with sweaters that will probably itch, shoes that will be ill-fitting and accessories that I'll rarely wear. So, instead of going through with these purchases, I'm keeping with the theme of this week's holiday and writing what I'm thankful for.

Study after study says that expressing gratitude is the best practice to keep our heads in the right space. That applies all year long, but it's certainly nice to have a whole day designated to doing so. I have a whole, whole lot to be thankful for this year, but below are five of the biggies.

My fiancé. 

When you find someone you want to spend your life with, you wonder if it will pan out like you picture. That first happened to me in 2014, and that picture was still fairly fuzzy. It was clear when 2017 came that we were on the same wavelength and a proposal was in our near future. Now that we're almost halfway into our engagement, it's become all the more clear why I had that feeling four years ago. It's hard to sum up how grateful I am for William, but I thank God every day he is my groom.

My family. 

We had a family wedding in Dallas recently, and it was the first time in awhile we had 100% attendance from all seven siblings. Whether newly engaged, newlyweds, or new parents, everyone seems genuinely happy and exactly where they need to be.

On Thanksgiving, the boys and kids played a game of wiffle ball outside, and I got that warm feeling only this kind of old fashioned fun with your family gives you.

My friends. 

The majority of my best friends live outside of Houston, and while that's hard at times, reflecting on it makes me realize that it's something to celebrate. From graduate school to exploring new cities, everyone is broadening their horizons and thriving in whichever stage of life they're in. Needless to say, I am loving every excuse the wedding is providing to put all my people in one place.

My job.

I really, really love what I do. I have always appreciated aesthetically pleasing things, so playing a small role behind-the-scenes of a small business like Biscuit has been so rewarding and eye-opening. I started dabbling in interior design as the assistant to my talented boss and now help with the production of her printed bedding line. I've seen new cities, met incredible people and genuinely wake up excited to go to work every single day.

My future. 

In the short term, I look forward to Christmas, my bachelorette in Charleston and watching the wedding come to fruition. What's even better, though, is the bigger, longer picture of my life with William that starts after that night. The little details like taking his last name tickle me. Then there's the big things like him becoming Uncle William, watching his family grow, living under one roof and establishing our own traditions.

I'll never quit my affection for fashion, but this exercise was much more fulfilling than adding things to cart. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers to the holiday season!

Wedding Update: Paper Goods + Party Peeps


Most of my blood, sweat and tears has been poured into the wedding website (sneak peek here!) instead of BOD, but I'm back with a few updates on all things wedding related.

I had Claire Martin's custom sketches in mind to use for my wedding in some fashion since way back when when I had her draw this of me and William.

When it came time to ask my bridal party to take part in the big day, they seemed like the perfect memento to gift them.

My sister saved the day with her beautiful calligraphy to create a beautiful mailer I hope they'll treasure forever.

Mary Elizabeth will serve as my maid-of-honor alongside Caroline as my matron-of-honor.

Selecting my bridal party reminded me how rich in great family and friendships I am.

It wouldn't be our big day without WJC on William's side and Nico on mine.

In other paper good news, save the dates are in production. Admittedly, I am equally in love and overwhelmed with the process as the options and ideas seem endless.

my dress committee!

Still, it's so exciting to work on something small-scale leading up to the big, grand day. From colors to crests, I'm discovering subtle ways to allude to the overall feel of our wedding day within the invitation suite.

More soon!

P.S. Have to take a brief aside to honor the Astros! What a wild World Series ride that was and how perfectly timed for a city whose spirits needed lifting now more than ever. Go 'Stros!

Sense Appeal XL


for the eyes:

Big fan of this artist who designs the dates of the year.

for the mind:
I laughed out loud when I read this satire of a bride's email blast to her bridal party. With a "super-posi" attitude, she suggests all taking part in her "big day" gear up for gold-plating craft parties and scripted speech memorization, among other ridiculous requests.

for the ears: Mainstream as it may be, I love Maroon Five's music and am particularly fond of this remix of their newest hit, "What Lovers Do."

fashion for feel: 
Moda Operandi's Instagrams keep teasing me with all these lovers from Temperley London. Their decadent but also delicate, frilly yet funky dresses like the Maze have French Riveria feels.

for taste: I love me a Marcona almond, so when our work snack stash stocked up on this Trader Joe's truffle variety, I was intrigued. Some batches are saltier/oilier/trufflier than others, but get your hands on a good batch, and I bet that bag will be empty in no time.

Happy week!

Feel Good Friday


The last days of summer were taxing to say the least. The despair within the cities affected by tragic events was contagious to those feeling pain from afar. I pray we are looking toward better days to come this fall. Below are five happy and inspiring links to brighten your spirits.

Why we need to touch base with ourselves more often.
A podcast I'd listen to on repeat.
I have five years to find these kinds of friends.
Three surefire ingredients for a great day.
Things people have learned: the silly and the serious.

Engagement Update: 8 Months Out!


Yesterday marked eight months until the wedding. Big parts of the plan (date, church, reception venue, dress, band, and photographer) are set, so I figured it's the proper time for an update. While I will keep most of the details under wraps until we say 'I do', I want to share some of the highlights of our engagement, two months in.

your fiancé's thoughtfulness:

I knew our engagement was imminent, but as time passed, and I knew William was planning the proposal, I struggled being in the dark. When the day was finally here, however, there was nothing sweeter than hearing him tell me all the thought, time and effort he made into making my perfect proposal moment happen.

revisiting all your reconnaissance: 

I've accumulated quite a few photos from the weddings we've attended over the past couple of years. Flipping through them now is so much fun now that my day is realer than ever. My Pinterest boards have also provided inspiration....as well as laughs from the ones from way back when.

people's interest in your story: 

Friends, family and even strangers have taken such an interest in our story: where it all began and where it will continue after the big day. Our individual lives have now combined, and I'm so flattered people are curious about what's to come for us as a married couple.

reflecting on other significant relationships: 

While so much attention is toward the bride and groom, I have taken this time to reflect on all the people who have gotten me to this point. We celebrated with our closest family and friends, and since then, I have had time to handpick my bridal party. Each one of these people have made me into the person William fell for, and I am so excited to honor those relationships in the months to come. And most of you don't know who you are yet! :)

More soon!

Friday Five | Hello Fall!


enjoying the last tastes of summer

The weekend! So glad you're here. My plan consists of Thai take-out tonight (trying a new spot), a cocktail tasting tomorrow and a massage Sunday morning. I've been holding onto a couple gift certificates to Milk + Honey, and I'm very ready to cash in on some relaxation. Enjoy these reads!

This helped me figure out what to wear to my first fall wedding of the season next weekend in Wyoming.

What do your alarm habits say about you?

I'm on a Friends binge, so I was intrigued to read the one haircut 'Rachel' would never repeat.

As you guys know, Gossip Girl was a huge part of my high school self, so I enjoyed reminiscing as the show celebrates 10 years.

A salty twist on the classic crudité.

Take-Out Dates


my sister and I enjoying champagne and lobster rolls at Boston's famed Neptune Oyster
I'll make any excuse to try a restaurant for the experience it offers.

read more about my favorite restaurant experience to date at Rose's Luxury in Washington D.C.
I enjoy the dressing up, dining amongst the crowd, seeing how the menu is designed and each dish is plated.

take-out for two!

That being said, William and I have no shame in our take-out game, so I'm sharing three favorites some fellow Houstonians may have yet to find.

  • Songkran - To me, Thai food is the quintessential take-out cuisine, and this spot never disappoints. We both start with the Tom Kha Gai soup, and William follows with traditional Pad Thai while I get either the yellow or green chicken curry. 
  • Solario - My brother and his wife introduced us to this highly underrated pizza joint inside the loop. We've yet to not like one of their pies, but The Calabrian, Fennel Sausage, and Spinaci are near perfect. The house and rocket salads are also great starters. 
  • Peli Peli Kitchen - This casual kitchen off the Katy freeway is such a good find with its unusual South African fare. The curried chicken is unbelievable, and all the sides are worth trying (especially the collard greens). The shrimp and oxtail also come highly recommended.

our Austin favorite, Fresa's, we'd warmly welcome in Houston

Pizza and Asian cuisines always top the take-out charts, but these three are a notch above their restaurant rivals.