new renovations


i wish i could take credit for all the added cuteness to my blog, but i have to hand it to my crafty sister carolyn. she inspired this blog and i think it's about time i give all of you her blog:

it's very entertaining, terribly witty, and so cute! it's much more interesting than my blog considering she is an austrian woman traveling across europe! make sure to check it out, and i love & miss you cokes! xo. mb

Lovin' Lovato


Demi Lovato: she's a disney star that started her career on a DCOM (that's Disney Channel Original movie for all of you that weren't born in the 90s). next thing you know she has a record deal and is taking over Radio Disney. She's the next Hilary, Miley, and Selena (her BFF). the pattern is a bit old, but hey, I have zero room to talk considering I bought her whole sophomore album entitled "Here We Go Again"
the album was released on tuesday. my version of demi's selena gomez (my best friend)-makenna van liew-went to the Demi Lovato concert with me because we're die hard fans of Dem. even though our age group was the minority compared to those that would be entering say the 4th or 5th grade it was still a blast.
don't buy the whole album like makenna and i did. i'll let you save the few extra bucks that i wasted by giving you the tracks that are actually worth buying:
1. Here We Go Again (her single off the album)
2. Every Time You Lie (love the 2nd verse)
3. Catch Me
4. Falling Over Me
5. Quiet
6. U Got Nothin' on Me
7. Solo
8. World of Chances


Tempo Tuesday


In honor of the usual music release week day being Tuesday, I'm going to make an effort to post something having to do with music every Tuesday. Whether it be my favorite new releases, a feature on a favorite artist, my all time favorite artists/songs/albums, or a new music video, Tuesday will be the official day. I'm no musical expert in the slightest bit. But I do like my music enough to want to share it with all of you! Take of it what you will.
So why not start today? I'm sure you've heard this tune on the radio (or in your head) all day long:

Save me, I'm lost
Oh Lord I've been waiting for you
I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for

That's them and if you like that song the rest of the album is sure to not disappoint. I am not usually one to purchase an entire album from the iTunes store, but Carolina Liar just had something different.
If you're not fully confident in my taste (don't blame you!) here are my favorites:
1. Coming to Terms
2. Beautiful World
3. I'm Not Over
4. California Bound
5. When You Are Near

xo. MB

adiós mejor amiga!


excuse my title if i used incorrect spanish (afterall i take french), but what i was getting at is saying farewell to my best friend Makenna Colby Van Liew as she embarks on a month long vaca to the beautiful Espagna! her (and 23 others mind you) will be bunking up in a house in Spain spending their time tanning, swimming, shopping, eating, touring, hiking, paddling (?), and relaxing. there's no doubt in my mind that there will be plenty of pictures to share. if you see this C, have fun, be safe, and i love ya! (and thank goodness for Skype!) xo. mb

oh so tasti


one can argue whether the latest dessert trend is cupcakes or frozen yogurt, but ask any high schooler and they won't hesitate to tell you it's fro-yo (isn't that a much more fun way to say it?). in my area at least, the fad began with a simple neighborhood yogurt shop and suddenly more and more yogurt chains began to pop up around town. the self-serve idea was born at Flavor's and Swirll. a more tart and less milky yogurt became popular at the hip and happenin' Berri Pop. and the most recent addition to our collection of frozen yogurt shops is Tasti-D-lite. made popular by New Yorkers, the franchise recently opened up shop in houston and everyone's buzzing. what separates it from the rest? the wide assortment of flavors that nearly gives you a headache just thinking about it (but you gotta love some variety!) and the guilt free pleasure of the low amount of calories. the location, variety of flavors, and service are all great. only downfalls: not enough seating and it doesn't take long for the creamy yogurts to soon become a liquidy soup. all in all, this tasti treat is sure to d-lite.
xo. mb

Leighton's "Body Control"


You will soon catch on to my liking of Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf).

She kick started her music career recently; it started with Cobra

Starship's "Good Girl's Go Bad" in which she was

featured. Her vocals were much stronger in that song

than in the following, but she definitely has car dancing potential. Thoughts?

xo. mb

call me miss outdoorsy

Younglife's Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado:
  1. a place for those who seek adventure and thrill in the beautiful mountains of Colorado..desire to rappel off 150 foot mountain tops..enjoy hiking up mountains in the midst of a blizzard and risking hypothermia..or love to spend day in and day out in the outdoors.
For some, this sounds ideal. But for me, in all honesty, I'm not exactly Miss Outdoors. I would trade the Colorado mountainside for the Upper East Side any day. With all that said, however, I absolutely loved my time at Frontier Ranch. I definitely went outside of my comfort zone with activities like rappelling, ropes course, and the Screamer. My weeklong visit set the 2009 summer off to a great start with forming new great friendships (shout out to Running Deer!), a great spiritual experience, and simply a great get away.
The highlights:
1. The food--desserts nearly after every meal, usually a tasty midnight snack, and breakfast in bed. Is this a five star resort or a camp?!
2. The Western Rodeo Dance night-who can't love a night of square dancing with a random partner?
3. Formal Night--pictures, duh!
4. Dee & Caroline, Running Deer girls, funny skits, lots of laughs and an amazing time! --ok so I combined a few there, deal.

Not so great, but good for laughs:
1. Falling off of my elephant-sized horse named appropriately "Tank"
2. The mice/chipmunk living inside the cabins
3. The miserable hike through the blizzard--a blizzard in June, I mean really?
4. The 24-hour bus ride--yeah, I'll pass on that next time
xo. mb

what's in a title?

The title to my blog. I struggled with this one for awhile, well if you consider a mere 4 minutes awhile. It's a blog documenting my random thoughts, nothing specific. But it should be clever right? Who wants to read Molly's Blog? How thrilling. So I hope you caught the subtle pun on Bridget Jones Diary. My middle name is Bridget and although I went through a short-lived phase of wanting to go by my middle name recently I decided the middle of high school wasn't quite the best time to do so. So here you have it: Bridget's Own Diary. I'm glad you're here.
xo MB

a new view, a new blog

blog: noun (blŏg)- an online journal in which an individual or group presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs; essentially an online diary consisting of a chronological log of thoughts published on a web page.
So here's mine to share with all of you. I used to think (and still do to some degree) that these blogs were the perfect opportunity for narcissistic people to talk endlessly about their lives because they actually think people care what flavor ice cream they had last night and how hard their crossword puzzle was that morning. I guess you could say my opinion began to evolve when my sister started a blog to inform us back home on her new life in Austria. Now, I haven't moved overseas or anything close to it; however, I guess I'm just looking to cure some boredom, develop writing skills, and have yet another online memo of my life as a teenager other than the close to 2,000 pictures I'm tagged in on facebook. So I guess it's official: I'm a member of the "blogosphere"-that's the online universe of blogs in blogspeak.
xo. mb