call me miss outdoorsy


Younglife's Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado:
  1. a place for those who seek adventure and thrill in the beautiful mountains of Colorado..desire to rappel off 150 foot mountain tops..enjoy hiking up mountains in the midst of a blizzard and risking hypothermia..or love to spend day in and day out in the outdoors.
For some, this sounds ideal. But for me, in all honesty, I'm not exactly Miss Outdoors. I would trade the Colorado mountainside for the Upper East Side any day. With all that said, however, I absolutely loved my time at Frontier Ranch. I definitely went outside of my comfort zone with activities like rappelling, ropes course, and the Screamer. My weeklong visit set the 2009 summer off to a great start with forming new great friendships (shout out to Running Deer!), a great spiritual experience, and simply a great get away.
The highlights:
1. The food--desserts nearly after every meal, usually a tasty midnight snack, and breakfast in bed. Is this a five star resort or a camp?!
2. The Western Rodeo Dance night-who can't love a night of square dancing with a random partner?
3. Formal Night--pictures, duh!
4. Dee & Caroline, Running Deer girls, funny skits, lots of laughs and an amazing time! --ok so I combined a few there, deal.

Not so great, but good for laughs:
1. Falling off of my elephant-sized horse named appropriately "Tank"
2. The mice/chipmunk living inside the cabins
3. The miserable hike through the blizzard--a blizzard in June, I mean really?
4. The 24-hour bus ride--yeah, I'll pass on that next time
xo. mb