Lovin' Lovato


Demi Lovato: she's a disney star that started her career on a DCOM (that's Disney Channel Original movie for all of you that weren't born in the 90s). next thing you know she has a record deal and is taking over Radio Disney. She's the next Hilary, Miley, and Selena (her BFF). the pattern is a bit old, but hey, I have zero room to talk considering I bought her whole sophomore album entitled "Here We Go Again"
the album was released on tuesday. my version of demi's selena gomez (my best friend)-makenna van liew-went to the Demi Lovato concert with me because we're die hard fans of Dem. even though our age group was the minority compared to those that would be entering say the 4th or 5th grade it was still a blast.
don't buy the whole album like makenna and i did. i'll let you save the few extra bucks that i wasted by giving you the tracks that are actually worth buying:
1. Here We Go Again (her single off the album)
2. Every Time You Lie (love the 2nd verse)
3. Catch Me
4. Falling Over Me
5. Quiet
6. U Got Nothin' on Me
7. Solo
8. World of Chances