a new view, a new blog


blog: noun (blŏg)- an online journal in which an individual or group presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs; essentially an online diary consisting of a chronological log of thoughts published on a web page.
So here's mine to share with all of you. I used to think (and still do to some degree) that these blogs were the perfect opportunity for narcissistic people to talk endlessly about their lives because they actually think people care what flavor ice cream they had last night and how hard their crossword puzzle was that morning. I guess you could say my opinion began to evolve when my sister started a blog to inform us back home on her new life in Austria. Now, I haven't moved overseas or anything close to it; however, I guess I'm just looking to cure some boredom, develop writing skills, and have yet another online memo of my life as a teenager other than the close to 2,000 pictures I'm tagged in on facebook. So I guess it's official: I'm a member of the "blogosphere"-that's the online universe of blogs in blogspeak.
xo. mb