oh so tasti


one can argue whether the latest dessert trend is cupcakes or frozen yogurt, but ask any high schooler and they won't hesitate to tell you it's fro-yo (isn't that a much more fun way to say it?). in my area at least, the fad began with a simple neighborhood yogurt shop and suddenly more and more yogurt chains began to pop up around town. the self-serve idea was born at Flavor's and Swirll. a more tart and less milky yogurt became popular at the hip and happenin' Berri Pop. and the most recent addition to our collection of frozen yogurt shops is Tasti-D-lite. made popular by New Yorkers, the franchise recently opened up shop in houston and everyone's buzzing. what separates it from the rest? the wide assortment of flavors that nearly gives you a headache just thinking about it (but you gotta love some variety!) and the guilt free pleasure of the low amount of calories. the location, variety of flavors, and service are all great. only downfalls: not enough seating and it doesn't take long for the creamy yogurts to soon become a liquidy soup. all in all, this tasti treat is sure to d-lite.
xo. mb