Fall Fashion Fever


Bold shoulders are going to be big this fall. Interesting necklines and lots of one shoulder fashions will play part in this trend.

The month of August never ceases to be one of mixed emotions: the days are still radiating heat, although your beach attire has migrated its way from your vacation-destination to your Facebook photo albums. Well, dear readers, I have the perfect pick-me-up to cure those end-of-summer blues. After all, there's no better antidote for the waning days of warm weather like some delightful picks from my freshly stocked closet (well, I wish anyways!)

Herve Leger's (Fall 2009) new shimmer bandage...also taking part in the interesting neckline trend

Everyone's buzzing about blazers. Lots of sequins and/or striped to show off your sophistication and style simultaneously.

Bow details anywhere from the back of this charcoal long-sleeve mini dress (another popular item to be seen this fall) to your violet suede studded gloves.

Lots of fabric details on shoes

Intricate details on tops

So I may not be the next Anna Wintour, but these looks are some of my favorites and I just thought I'd give you all a look at the upcoming season without having to subscribe to Lucky Mag or Elle.

xo. mb


Carolyn said...

very nice! Love getting me some fashion updates even though I can't really shop right now. Fall clothes are some of my faves! Boots, skinny jeans, sweaters...oh my.