Move over Taylor & Demi--Makenna's the next big thing.


Makenna Van Liew on Facebook

Makenna Van Liew, as mention earlier, is my total bffaeae. If you don't speak teenager, that means she's my bestie! And I formally invite all of you to support her music career! She's got an Ingrid Michaelson meets Zooey Deschanel vibe. In other words, she's bursting with talent. Check out her facebook and myspace site on the dubs. Because if not anything, you'll be able to say "Oh I so knew about Makenna Van Liew way before everyone else did because I totes (as MCVL would say) read her bff's blog.."


Colby's Thoughts said...

ah I love you bestie! thank you so much!

Carolyn said...

haha. "i totes". totes checkin' mackie out.