Scanning My Summer Away


Yesterday was my last day at the office. I spent my summer at my dad's law firm to speed up their goal of becoming permanently paperless. I spent day in and day out scanning papers that might as well been written in Arabic. It was quite a good experience not to mention I got a few extra bucks, freed me from so boredom, and most importantly-- I now know I never ever want to be a lawyer. Props to my pops; I don't know how you do it! Now it's time to trade in all the legal jargon for physics and US history terms. So long for now, Hays McConn. xo. mb


Carolyn said...

oh, bye pops' office. hello memo.

Cathy McConn said...

HesterPrynne:  A single mistake and I now live with alienation, a stigma of shame, a daughter, a vindictive old lover and a deplorable new companion.
more than 300 years ago from web
-Molly M. Period 7

Cathy McConn said...