We are cheerleaders, we, we are cheerleaders!


Cheer camp. The sound of it just gives me the chills.
Picture it: 1,000 girls with slicked back hair in high pony tails topped with Minnie Mouse sized bows. Constant cheering and chanting to get Top Banana or the Spirit Stick. You cheer when you walk across the street, ride the elevator, or do any activity for that matter.
If you can't quite get the whole idea, watch Bring It On. Those movies don't lie. It's an experience like no other. And even though I am a cheerleader myself, my school definitely stands out from the rest when we sit in the corner inhaling our breakfast bars and rolling our eyes in the back of our heads while all the other girls dance to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Mind you, all these girls are in high school.
Ok, I'm done venting. I will say that the bonds created at camp are so worth it. I came into camp feeling awkward talking to some of the girls and coming out knowing that I could potentially be the best of friends with some of them. All 10 of us stayed in 1 dorm and the night times were filled with laughter, empty pizza boxes, trail mix, fruit, cookies and candy every you turned, and lots of fun.

MHS Varsity & JV Cheer 2009-2010

JV Cheer rockin' the tye-dye tanks

Kendall and I doing our epic shoulder sit

Co-Captains with our sponsor Katie



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