You know You Love...New York City


For whatever reason, I've stalled filling you all in on my recent trip to the Big Apple (well, through my blog anyways..many of you heard these stories directly from me). But I guess it's time I sit down and take the time to document these stories for when I want to look back on what is now my favorite trip so far. My family tried to convince me that my NYC dreams would not be fulfilled of stepping foot on the concrete island and suddenly transforming into a Blair Waldorf socialite; and no, that did not happen but I loved every second of it. The energy is contagious, there's always something to do, and the sidewalks are constantly a live catwalk being the Fashion Capitol it is. Now that's my kind of place.

Times Square

Rockefeller Plaza where we went to The Today Show

Mom was lovin' it up too

Shopping in the UES

At Bobby Flay's restaurant before West Side Story

The recently opened Topshop (the only one in the US) with sister-in-law Lindsay who is living in NYC for the summer for work

My favey cousin Christiana who is a nurse in NYC

Shopping in Soho and West Village

All of us out for dinner in the Meatpacking District

Steps of the MET with Linds on the Gossip Girl Tour

Breakfast at The Palace

The Palace courtyard- the famous home to Serena Van Der Woodsen

Shopping at Bendel's

The larger than life poodle inside Bergdorf

Me and my fellow Gossip Girl stalkers with Penn Badgley (Dan)
He told his body guards that he promised me a picture as they were trying to rush him off to set. And we even got photogged by the paparazzi and put online.

Ok, ladies, step aside..I'll be the next Blake, Penn!

Rufus and Lily's son who appeared in the Season 2 Finale..Chris Riggi (see below for pics). Two of the girls and I even got to sit down with him at a close by coffee shop and got ALL the dirt on season 3 which I guess I can pass on to all of you (if you care!): 1. Carter and Serena 2. Leighton's the funniest one on set 3. Chace is a classic Texas boy 4. Vanessa and him are together on the show and she's a "great kisser" 5. Chuck and Blair are going strong 5. Blake's super sweet and couldn't be mean if she tried

Jessica Szhor and Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle.. and Leighton (ultimate girl crush..ha)

Ed with his amazing English accent

That Chuck Bass stare.. with the infamous limo in the back

A Chuck and Blair scene (rumor had it amongst all of us watching that they were buying a Brownstone, but it was hard to hear what they were saying)

they had to kiss like 35 times til the director was satisfied with the scene

The fashion. The food. The famous people.
I'd take the big city over the beaches ANY day.

xo. mb


Carolyn said...

utterly delicious post. you know i love it. xoxo.