30 Things That Just Shouldn't Exist


1. People who sharpen their pencils/cut paper slowly.
2. Mean cats.
3. Dirty keyboards.
4. Big scary bugs with lots of legs.
5. Food service employees who assume that when you said, "No pickles," you were lying.
6. Mysterious sticky spots on desks.
7. Blisters on the back of the ankle caused by new shoes.
8. Parody versions of the Happy Birthday Song.
9. Remakes of bad horror movies. Or just horror movies in general.
10. Back-of-the-knee sweat.
11. Televised poker.
12. When your teachers think that there class is the only one in the world.
13. People unable to differentiate between 'their', 'there' and 'they're'.
14. Paper cuts.
15. Heavy textbooks.
16. Kidz Bop CDs, NOW!, or anything of the like.
17. False-alarm sneezes.
18. Vanessa Abrams.
19. Perez Hilton's blog.
20. Applications on Facebook.
21. Spray-on deocorant.
22. Over exposed reality stars. Like Brooke Hogan. Or Speidi. Get a job.
23. People with tattoos written in a language that they cannot speak.
24. Park benches that are still wet from the storm that came through about two hours ago.
25. Bathroom stalls that don't have properly functioning doors.
26. When you have candy and someone asks you for a "red one."
27. Unnecessary movie sequels that ruin a good thing.
28. PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs.
29. Adult braces.
30. The eight subscription forms in magazines.

All of the above...not okay.

"Reversals of Fortune" Review


The third installment of Gossip Girl premiered Monday night. And despite my busy night working back to school night, I managed to squeeze in a late night viewing of the episode. Overall, I'm satisfied. Some dull moments, but overall I look forward to the Upper East Siders adventure as they head off to college.
The following is what I gave a thumbs up or a thumbs down and what I'm still debating.

Serena and Carter.
The music*
The quote "I'm not Chuck Bass without you."
Anything Chuck and Blair.
Nate's good looks.
The polo match.
Blair's alice + olivia sundress, hat, and witty remarks.

No, thanks.
Vanessa's spaz attacks over Dan.
Anything having to do with Jenny.
Lily's absence. And Dorota's as well for that matter.
V's hair.
Serena still has a flip phone?
That Alexandra girl.
Serena fleeing the party on horse..I'm sure.

Not sure?
More of Nate's family drama.
The Humphreys and Van der Woodsens under one household.
Blair and Chuck's waiter role play scene. Ha.

*All the songs featured on the season premiere were great. Download the following:
Oh! Forever -brakesbrakesbrakes
Don't Slow Down -Matt & Kim
Plastic Jungle -Miike Snow
Something We're Becoming -Plastic Jungle
No Sex for Ben -The Raptures (yes, I'm so ahead of the trends..check out this post from a few weeks ago.)

In honor of GG, I guess I'll sign off with her trademark.


A Report Card on the School Year Thus Far


Three weeks of junior year- complete! Only 30 more to go?
My recent amounts of homework have most definitely foreshadowed the year ahead to be, well, nothing short of.. totally miserable. The only silver lining I can come up with is that at least I'm getting this infamous year of high school over with now. It's not as bad as I've heard..yet anyways..but it's no party either. Unfortunately, a major side effect of this school stress syndrome will be a lot less blog time, total bummer I know. But I'll do my best to keep all of you updated on the latest and greatest.. starting with my courses this year:

Intro to Engineering & Design
: I went/am going through a phase where engineering is a big prospect for my future. Math seems to be a forté of mine and I love design, so it seems to be a good fit. Right now it involves a lot of sketching. Soon we'll be using an online program called Inventor to create 3D objects. We even have a 3D printer in the room. Too bad it doesn't work for online shopping so I could print out some new shoes fo' me!

Yearbook: I already had a good idea of what this class would be like. After yearbook camp this summer, we already got a good theme going. It's one of my favorite classes. Love the girls. Holly is great (our teacher). Graphic design + creativity + writing + a room full of 35 Apple desktop computers = mb's dream class.

Pre-Calculus Pre-AP: Math is one of my favorite subjects and this year it's definitely stepped up a notch. I know my teacher through my sister Carolyn (the Austrian blogger one!), so that sure doesn't hurt. I guess math is math. Gotta love me some functions, trig, and conics.

APUSH: Otherwise known as Advanced Placement United States History. Calling it APUSH is just about the only perk of this class (for some reason you just sound cool when you talk about how hard the "APUSH" test was). Don't ask. My teacher is suffused with anything and everything having to do with the history of America. She's got a PhD. Basically, she's legit. You can tell she loves what she does and it makes it so much easier to learn from a teacher who is passionate about what they teach. So dorky to say, but true. Lots and I mean LOTS of note taking. Needless to say, it's just about a million times better than world history last year. Sorry, China, I just couldn't care less about the order of your dynasties. And Europe please stop naming your monarchs the same thing and then adding different roman numerals at the end. K?

Physics I Pre-AP: Should be my easiest class, but due to the lack of teaching incorporated into this class...it's a tad frusturating at times. Maybe it's just me, but I like to be taught what I'm tested over? Quite a shift from chem last year. Should be an interesting ride...

English III AP/DC:
Another course instructed by a teacher with a PhD. She knows her stuff as well. After taking my first in class analysis essay today over The Scarlet Letter, my bones are a little shaken. I hear she's quite the teacher: tough, critical, and obstinate. But in the end you come out saying Dr. Williams was one of the best teachers you've ever had. And after a little background check I think I landed a spot on her nice list already. She loves purple, hates gum and empty water bottles, and never ever use a cliché. Ever. We do have one thing in common; she's a blogger too! Check it out.

So as a mini report card on my first 3 weeks I give all my classes an A+ for making us work hard. Hopefully they'll return the favor with a semester grade equally as good.

xo. mb

Michael Releases A New Melody


Two Tuesdays is a row have brought in a wealth of new songs that I'm loving! One in particular is Michael Bublé's new single-"Haven't Met You Yet." His style is so fresh in the midst of all the masses of rap and poppy Britney sounds. His lyrics totally make you want to marry him-ha! And every wedding slideshow has to have his all time best "Everything." Such a classic. So be sure to check this one out.
In the mood for more? Take a peek at these as well.

Strut My Stuff -The Love Willows (fun girly song)
No Sex for Ben -The Rapture (strange title, i know..but catchy beat nonetheless)
She Wolf -Shakira (a popular one right now but Makenna was right, it's simply addicting)
Fight Song -The Republic Tigers (may not be a favorite to everybody, but it did something for me)
No One Does It Like You -Department of Eagles (fun alternative song)
Bad Body Double -Imogen Heap (her new album is a total winner..obviously..but this is one of my favorites, she's so brilliant)
Electric Twist -A Fine Frenzy (great beat, a definite must-have)
Whatcha Say -Jason DeRulo (I know, it's on the iTunes top 10, but i SO discovered this long before it hit the charts)
Hot Mess -Cobra Starship (I'll admit, maybe my Starship fandom came about due to the single with Leighton, but either way this track that their album is named after is sure to be a chart topper)

And if you don't have Shove It by Sanigold or Blue Light by Bloc Party...eh, well nevermind (haha C)