30 Things That Just Shouldn't Exist


1. People who sharpen their pencils/cut paper slowly.
2. Mean cats.
3. Dirty keyboards.
4. Big scary bugs with lots of legs.
5. Food service employees who assume that when you said, "No pickles," you were lying.
6. Mysterious sticky spots on desks.
7. Blisters on the back of the ankle caused by new shoes.
8. Parody versions of the Happy Birthday Song.
9. Remakes of bad horror movies. Or just horror movies in general.
10. Back-of-the-knee sweat.
11. Televised poker.
12. When your teachers think that there class is the only one in the world.
13. People unable to differentiate between 'their', 'there' and 'they're'.
14. Paper cuts.
15. Heavy textbooks.
16. Kidz Bop CDs, NOW!, or anything of the like.
17. False-alarm sneezes.
18. Vanessa Abrams.
19. Perez Hilton's blog.
20. Applications on Facebook.
21. Spray-on deocorant.
22. Over exposed reality stars. Like Brooke Hogan. Or Speidi. Get a job.
23. People with tattoos written in a language that they cannot speak.
24. Park benches that are still wet from the storm that came through about two hours ago.
25. Bathroom stalls that don't have properly functioning doors.
26. When you have candy and someone asks you for a "red one."
27. Unnecessary movie sequels that ruin a good thing.
28. PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs.
29. Adult braces.
30. The eight subscription forms in magazines.

All of the above...not okay.


Carolyn said...

hmm..are some of these 'borrowed'? hehe. cokey knows.

Molly said...

um yes. not gonna lie. i saw it on sparknotes.com but i made my own version of the list!

Carolyn said...

um...need a new post k?