Michael Releases A New Melody


Two Tuesdays is a row have brought in a wealth of new songs that I'm loving! One in particular is Michael Bublé's new single-"Haven't Met You Yet." His style is so fresh in the midst of all the masses of rap and poppy Britney sounds. His lyrics totally make you want to marry him-ha! And every wedding slideshow has to have his all time best "Everything." Such a classic. So be sure to check this one out.
In the mood for more? Take a peek at these as well.

Strut My Stuff -The Love Willows (fun girly song)
No Sex for Ben -The Rapture (strange title, i know..but catchy beat nonetheless)
She Wolf -Shakira (a popular one right now but Makenna was right, it's simply addicting)
Fight Song -The Republic Tigers (may not be a favorite to everybody, but it did something for me)
No One Does It Like You -Department of Eagles (fun alternative song)
Bad Body Double -Imogen Heap (her new album is a total winner..obviously..but this is one of my favorites, she's so brilliant)
Electric Twist -A Fine Frenzy (great beat, a definite must-have)
Whatcha Say -Jason DeRulo (I know, it's on the iTunes top 10, but i SO discovered this long before it hit the charts)
Hot Mess -Cobra Starship (I'll admit, maybe my Starship fandom came about due to the single with Leighton, but either way this track that their album is named after is sure to be a chart topper)

And if you don't have Shove It by Sanigold or Blue Light by Bloc Party...eh, well nevermind (haha C)



Carolyn said...

thanks for the tips! how'd the slideshow go? i want to see somehow!