"Reversals of Fortune" Review


The third installment of Gossip Girl premiered Monday night. And despite my busy night working back to school night, I managed to squeeze in a late night viewing of the episode. Overall, I'm satisfied. Some dull moments, but overall I look forward to the Upper East Siders adventure as they head off to college.
The following is what I gave a thumbs up or a thumbs down and what I'm still debating.

Serena and Carter.
The music*
The quote "I'm not Chuck Bass without you."
Anything Chuck and Blair.
Nate's good looks.
The polo match.
Blair's alice + olivia sundress, hat, and witty remarks.

No, thanks.
Vanessa's spaz attacks over Dan.
Anything having to do with Jenny.
Lily's absence. And Dorota's as well for that matter.
V's hair.
Serena still has a flip phone?
That Alexandra girl.
Serena fleeing the party on horse..I'm sure.

Not sure?
More of Nate's family drama.
The Humphreys and Van der Woodsens under one household.
Blair and Chuck's waiter role play scene. Ha.

*All the songs featured on the season premiere were great. Download the following:
Oh! Forever -brakesbrakesbrakes
Don't Slow Down -Matt & Kim
Plastic Jungle -Miike Snow
Something We're Becoming -Plastic Jungle
No Sex for Ben -The Raptures (yes, I'm so ahead of the trends..check out this post from a few weeks ago.)

In honor of GG, I guess I'll sign off with her trademark.



Carolyn said...

ha. Ok, i will comment too:
- You like Serena and Carter together or just what he said and their oh so pashie kiss?
- You sure do know the music and notice it...very nice. a sign that i'm old that i'm clueless when it comes to this. my iPod songs have been on there for years and are mostly dave matthews and van morrison.
- nate is a beauty
- i too loved her orange dress
- i knew you would love the "i'm not chuck bass without you"
- i'm embarrassed and not ok with you watching some of the scenes
- vanessa's hair was unbelievably horrendy
- dan is my fave
- i think lily is 'absent' bc of her baby and bc of new spinoff??
- the horse thing was OOC ridic
-scott is weird story line