One Down, Three To Go...


My previous post was dedicated to the stress of college searching and testing that comes along with junior year. But, this negative is balanced out by the excessive amount of social events that make up junior year. Homecoming kicks off every school year at MHS. The whole high school is invited to attend, unlike the more exclusive formals like Cotillion (which is next weekend!). So, on the third time around the excitement has definitely died down compared to freshmen year. However, it's still a dance and fun is inevitable amid all the festivites. Unlike any other formal event, homecoming is a two night event. (That's right.. if you don't like your date.. total bummer. 48 hours of awkwardness). Anyways, Friday night initiates the weekend with the homecoming game where the boy gives you a gargantuan mum that he wasted $60 on. A total Southern tradition. In exchange, the girls give the boys a smaller version called a garter. My friends and I attended a pre-game party at my good friend Harrison's house. My date this year was Chase- a good friend of mine since freshman year. Night two is the dance. And for the girls the prep process is just about the funnest part. At Memorial, we do the whole bit: nails, hair, makeup. The dance this year had a neon theme (I included pictures of the epic neon pep rally that JV performed in that Friday!) and it was located at the JW Marriott hotel. Girls are decked in cocktail dresses; the gentlemen usually sport khakis and a dress shirt. Being on StuCo, I know all the hard work that goes into the dance. This year, sadly, the parade, burger bash, and battle of the bands were cancelled due to weather.
Congrats to Katherine Christie for Homecoming Queen!

Madison, Me, Kendall, and Meg

Me with my nieces and Isabella after what many students claimed as "the best pep rally ever"

Molls & Harry (Harrison- the party hoster)

Mom & Dad

Tater Tot & Molls Balls (Cheer Besties)

Little Chaser

Jules and I reenacting the epic Gossip Girl scene

Does the dress look simmy?


"You guys ride in limos?!" Um, we go to Memorial.

Dinner at Maggiano's before the dance

It's not hot or sweaty AT ALL on the dance floor.

I know you've missed me :)
I'll be back in two short weeks to report on formal number two.



Carolyn said...

please do. i almost did a post about homecoming in texas on my blog and used your pics! maybe i still wil. dress is fab.