"This isn't like your wedding night; Cotillion only happens once."


A few weeks ago, Gossip Girl aired a new episode revolving around the night of Cotillion. This time, it was Jenny's time to shine. And on the UES, this is a young girl's big night to present herself. Cotillion is known as a formal ball often the venue for presenting debutantes. I wish I could say that I became a woman in society on November, 20th when I had my Cotillion, but I wouldn't go that far.

However, Cotillion is a formal dance where the girls get to sport floor-length gowns and their escorts transform into little penguins. This was my second and final Cotillion. It was held at Houston's Intercontinental Hotel in a large ballroom decked out with anything and everything Parisian...hence the theme of the night "Une Soirée å Paris." Several high schools including Memorial were invited to attend.
Unlike the usual formal affairs, Cotillion was on a Friday evening this year. This means when the bell rings at 3 o'clock all the girls are flooring it to Neimans to get their makeup done or their hairdresser to put in the perfect curls. I nixed the hair getting done this year, but I couldn't help myself with makeup. They just do it so much better! And this time around, my lady did an especially good job. Next stop was Mom's Hair Salon. She and my bff Makenna whipped out a Serena Style pony tail in no time. It was perfect to highlight the neckline of my dress. And thus the night began..
My night started at a friend Sarah's house. The usual routine consisting of the parent paparazzi and small talk came before the party bus arrived (after much hectic chaos!). My date this year was another good friend- Marshall Laguarta. We got to the dance, visited all our friends from other groups, and then the girls had to present themselves by walking across a stage (a completely pointless 30 minutes of my life..). Dinner was served, and finally- the dancing began. Overall, the night exceeded my expectations. I'd have to say it goes in the top three all time dances in the running with Sophomore Cotillion and Holiday Traditions.
Here are several pics from the night. What kind of blogger would I be to describe such a night sans pics?!

Me and Marshall before departing for Sarah's house

The whole group

Me and bestie Sterett with our dates

My favorite boys

This is why it's called a "party bus"

Me and Meredith

Lauren (VARSITY CHEER 2010-2011!)

This night (and my Thanksgiving break for that matter) in a nutshell..

So that marks the halfway point. Two down. Two to go. The next two will take place early in 2010. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! There's lots to be thankful for this year, one of which is all of you!
Thanks for reading. Off to the stores on Black Friday. Wish me luck!



Carolyn said...

What? they present you? I don't think they did that at our Cotillion...not sad about it either! Nice dress sass-a-frass.

Lindsay said...

Moll: You look absolutely gorg and that dress is so awesome, even BW would be jealous.

Like the simple jewels and hair. Well-played.