Birthday Balloons (taken to the next level)


"I am 16 going on 17
I know that I'm naive
Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet
And willingly I believe." -Sound of Music

Not any more folks! I've been 17 for over a month now. Unfortunately, due to my lack of time for my blog I was unable to give you a report on my unique birthday bash. Spring break has now arrived and I've set aside a lot of time to do those things I can't fit in in the middle of cheer privates, Pre-Cal homework, and social events. My to-do list on my phone has everything from creating my Varsity cheer banner (tryouts in less than two weeks! more on that later..), cleaning out my congested closet, and some SAT/ACT prep. Oh, and how could I forget! Blog posts! You may have assumed my lack of posts was due in part to a lack of excitement/news in my life. Au contraire! My most recent post was from New Years when I was in the middle of taking first semester exams. We're in the third month of 2010 now, and to say a lot has changed is an understatement. 2010 has been filled with school stress, new friendships blossoming, old ones fading, memorable nights for good reasons and bad, lots of both tears and laughter (and yes, sometimes those tears were a result of a laughter. if any of you know me really well you know when i laugh my eyes become waterworks in an instant), and a lot of growing up. Learning the ins and outs of high school has been tough, but necessary. Not to be dramatic. Just the truth. So I'll do my best to catch you all up. I've gotten all your comments and requests and am happy to say that Bridget's back! For good.
I nearly lost track of what this post was initially dedicated to, but I felt as though I owed all my loyal readers an explanation. But let's cut to the chase. My Sweet Seventeen Birthday Bash.
I invited my 12 closest friends to a restaurant downtown in Discovery Green called The Grove. There was a pre-selected "Happy Birthday Molly" menu given to all the girls. We sat in a private room looking over the greenery in the park and the surrounding scenery downtown. Being out of the usual "Memorial bubble" was a nice change in itself. Following dinner, there was a surprise waiting for all the girls. The park was hosting a limited time hot air ballon ride. Much to my dismay, however, the balloon closed only 10 minutes prior to our arrival. All's well that ends well apparently because several of the girls came the next day with me and it was even more perfect during the daytime with perfect weather. Not gonna lie, it was a tiny bit scary..but so worth it. Such a memorable day. Most of us had a hot air balloon ride on our "Before We Die" lists, but never expected to cross that one off before being a high school grad.

Me and Makenna at The Grove.

My favorite cheer girls! Aubrey, Me, Kendall, and Taylor.

the various reactions to the hot air balloon surprise.

all my besties! lana, dani, alexandra, kendall, taylor, aubrey, sterett, lauren, tess, caroline (and her cousin who was in town!), and makenna. (from left to right)

sterett gave me this amazing picture collage. love you, ster.

the next day for the balloon.

bestie and mommie.

love you so much, caro.

So, now I'm seventeen going on eighteen. I can see R-rated movies. That's just about the only highlight. Oh, and I can get my license renewed....which I have yet to do, woops!
Oh and I'd like to make a shout out to all my fellow tortilla bandits. If you don't know what I'm talking about, disregard the last 23 words.

glad to be back :)



Lana said...

That was such a fun party. Love you, Molls.

Anonymous said...

Tortillaa banddittttsss.