april shorts Bring may FLORAL prints


ok. it's time. time to pack up your overcoats and turtlenecks. it's time to put the gloves, winter boots, and thick knits in a safe place for next season. the birds are chirping, the temperatures are rising--and that can only mean one thing: spring fashion has arrived! now for us houston residents, this so-called "spring" will come and go and summer heat waves are quickly approaching. nonetheless, the fashion fever is contagious and i just couldn't help myself but dedicate a post to what i'm seeing on the racks and in my browser. so, let's let "window shopping" take on a new meaning by examining these fashion forward looks through your internet browser window.

let's go from the bottom up by starting with shorts. i'm going to forego providing a photo of the boyfriend shorts that seem to be circulating quite quickly. these denim shorts seem to be a new take on the boyfriend jean Katie Holmes made popular a few years back. i will, however, provide a photo of the latest floral shorts. many of them are fitted; some are very free-flowing. whatever your preference, they look superb with a crisp white tee. so do a little trade up this spring by letting your bottoms have all the fun!

i always find myself attracted to brown handbags. they work for almost all seasons. white gets dirty. and black is just too harsh a lot of the time. and my selections for this post are no different, but i like what i like people. so here are two that caught my eye. the first is a cross over bag that is the perfect size for travel--enough to hold a credit card, your iPhone, and some chapstick. the next is a Cynthia Vincent studded grocery bag. a great bag for any Texan girl.

a little birdie informed me that feathers were big these days [yes, pun intended, ha ha..] this trend is quite versatile as it can be applied to a sassy pair of heels as seen here, earrings (like my bestie Ster sports!), or even a super cute belt i almost purchased at Urban a few weeks back.

oh, B Lively, you've done it again with this fab feathered skirt. granted, i'm not quite sure what occasion i would have to wear this, but i'm sure i'd find some excuse.

while we're on the topic of things that begin with F: feathers, florals, and fashion..let's examine fringe. don't be alarmed, it can be done in a stylish way i promise! just promise me it's not coming from the frayed edges of your jean skirt and we'll be fine. take a hint from this eye catching coral top.

if you're more of the classic kind, maybe you should try out some lace. now, i know, i wouldn't say that lace ever goes out of style, but this season it is seen being done a little differently. a little more over the top. not crisp white, more of an off white color. a vintage touch i'd say. enough of the description; check out the pics.

so i think we've made our way up to shoulders [which is what i featured in the top photo of this post]. one shoulders is back and i love it. shoulder statements is actually what it's all about. now, ladies, let's not take out our shoulder padded blazers from way back when...k? even my doppleganger Rachel McAdams wore a grey gown (grey is another popular look). i love me some rach.

the list is practically endless: you'll delight everyone in white, pops of color especially in shoes is a good route to go, tribal prints, jade shades of green never disappoint, rompers are back for their second consecutive year, and have you heard that the American Heritage Dictionary is discussing whether or not to put "jeggings" in their next edition. now that's what i call a fashion statement.

oh and i just purchased these, so i thought i'd share!

random thoughts that are totally irrelevant to today's post but i think are worth mentioning:
1. Happy Birthday Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf! (speaking of, Gossip Girl is gettin' really freaking good again)
2. Those iPads are legit--like everything Apple is.
3. Falling Down by Scarlett Johansson is worth the 99 cents. As is Wild Wolves by Athlete.
4. Ed Westwick & Jessica Szhor split the day before Leight and Sebastion split. Coincidence? I think not.
5. Varsity Cheer is finally here!

If you have any questions as to where any of the items featured here are from, feel free to ask! Keep checking back for posts on the happenings of the end of the school year which will include...aw shucks, you'll just have to come back and see! But lots of exciting things I assure you. Love love you all!



Carolyn said...

Whoa! Mega post! Fashion writer you are! I am such an old lady unfashionista bozo. I like the shoes..I couldn't pull them off with my hamhocker calves, but I bet they are cute on you. Coral is my favey. Grey is the new thing in interiors too. Feathers are iffy imho. I like brown bags too...never been a blacky bagger. Didn't know you had been postin' again dami!