I Told You I Like Lists


Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. (see below)
Study abroad.
Pop Rocks -Tess, you should know.
Design an album cover.
Read a book in one sitting.
Live in New York City.

Go to the perfect college for me.
Attend the summer Olympic Games.
Take ballroom dancing lessons.
Go to Greece.
Stop worrying.
Buy a yellow Vespa.
Go on a huge shopping spree guilt-free.
Know that everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, it's not the end.
Have 5 kids: 3 girls and 2 boys. (Already have names for the kiddos)
Get a fake tan just for laughs.
Walk down a red carpet.

Read the entire Bible.
Win a contest.
Pretend to be British and pull it off.
Marry a guy I go to Memorial with (psyche!)
--Fine a wonderful husband similar to my dad.
Spend a day in a recording studio with a favorite artist.
Buy a convertible.

Work for a magazine.
Know as much about flowers as my mom does.
Finally trust that everything will work out.
Take a trip with my 3 sisters and mom.
Attend New York's Fashion Week.
Be able to have a job and raise those 5 kids.
Make a BA yearbook.
Be a regular at a coffee shop.

Design my dream home.
Have a blog that more than Lana and Coco read.
Work my way up to the top of a business.
Live up to my potential.
Ride an elephant in Africa.

Attend a masked ball.
Apply to an Ivy.
Find that Sprint commercial I was in years ago.

Never lose touch with my closest friends.
Have a surprise party thrown for me. And actually be surprised.
Live alone.
Embrace change.
Have a smile on as I go to work every day.
Buy something on an infomercial and get that free shipping and handling, the extra one free, the free cook book that is included, and the different colored cases (but only if I call within the next 10 seconds).
Have a really big closet.
Travel. Because there's so much more out there than Texas.
Do a house-swap like in The Holiday.
Have a beautiful wedding & plan it with my mom and sisters.

That's 50. 50 things I want to do in my lifetime. Some I could accomplish tomorrow. In fact, I just discussed with my parents how I will most likely apply to 2 Ivys (Dartmouth & Princeton) just to see if I get in. If I do, we'll take it from there. But for now, it's just for fun. Some are in my wildest dreams, but knowing my go-getter personality, I will do what it takes if I really want it. Anyway, it's fun to dream and think of all the things this world has to offer. Hopefully, some of you can take part in these adventures with me. Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all you soldiers; we love you and appreciate everything you sacrifice for us.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Y'all, tonight, I felt like a true native Texan sittin' in the bed of a Ford pickup truck, wearin' blue jean shorts and my high school tshirt, listenin' to country music while watchin' a baseball game as mosquitoes ate me alive. As Sterett said, I felt like I was in a Taylor Swift music video. To make the night even more sweet, we won the game 5-4 and are advancing to the next round of the playoffs. Our rival team, the Stratford Spartan, lost today resulting in our regional match-up being against Clements High. My inner cheerleader shines in these intense playoff games. So as the school year comes to an end (and for the many seniors on the team their high school career comes to an end), the baseball season continues. One more win and we advance to state. That's Mustang baseball at its finest. Forget those 'stros, it's time to cheer on the 'stangs.


Seniors Reign Supreme


it's about time. after constantly being labeled as "fish", then being the completely irrelevant sophomores, and most recently, surviving the infamous junior year, memorial's class of 2011 is finally in its final year of high school.
just a film presentation, physics and pre-cal final away from summer.
in honor of our new position at the top of the monarchy we will be sporting miu mius and other mexican apparel as senors and senoritas tomorrow. and the following day the theme is "senior citizens." i won't make any promises that i will be participating in that trend.
so wish me luck as i complete my 6th out of 7 semesters of high school. on to the home stretch!


Miscellaneous Matters


countdown: three weeks. that's three weeks until summer. three weeks until i am textbook free. three weeks until my days at hays mcconn commence. three weeks until i am officially a senior in high school. most importantly, three weeks until the end of junior year. it's not quite over yet; so, i think i'll postpone my reflection on the year as a whole until i gain complete liberty from the hallways of memorial.

so until then, i'll discuss two of my guilty pleasures. one's old. one's new.

one ::: the gossip girl season finale is this monday. and though this season was sub-par compared to one and two, i'll admit that the past few eps have had me on the edge of my seat.
i mean, Derena round 18?! didn't see that one coming. can't decide if i like it.
jenny. go away. don't come back. ever. you and your horses mane are blinding my eyes.
if blair and chuck aren't together again, don't expect a post for a long time seeing that i will be mourning for quite awhile..
oh and i'll finish with this: it is extremely likely that i will be in paris when leighton, blake, and ed are shooting season four there. nbd. let that one marinade. too bad lana baumgartner is ditching me to go back to tejas.

two ::: i love itskingsleybitch on youtube. his bitter outlook on life is so terribly amusing. such a guily pleasure.
"are we in a sauce drought?!"
"and when you were seriously walking like a sloth two seconds before and now you're a cheetah"
"i'm sittin up in here with all this bipolar weather..."
"it was CLEARLY 103 degrees"
"i hate when you go but a movie, like i did, i got Sorority Row, and then they have it in this stupid ass cover"
"i hate when people give me a card for my birthday that sings to me. because that shit is not cute."

anyway, he blabs on various topics including birds, his zoo visits, the repetition of songs on the radio, the failure of jimmy johns to live up to their superior sandwhich status, bipolar weather, miley cyrus, ke$ha and her feathers, and then some more birdz. check him out. you need a little laughter in your day.

May Music Mayhem


It's been awhile since I've exposed the latest and greatest of my iTunes library. I actually had a little glitch with my iTunes library..such a stuggle, I know... but now it's all fixed. I think this is a perfect exposé that demostrates my w i d e range in music tastes. From music that only middle schoolers should be listening to, to rap, to extreme alternative, here's a peak to my recent purchases! Enjoy and happy mother's day!


Cooler Than Me (feat. Big Sean) ::: Mike Posner
Winner (feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.) ::: Jamie Foxx
Frost ::: Rachel Sage
Half Life ::: Imogen Heap
Love Like a Sunset, Pt. II ::: Phoenix
M79 ::: Vampire Weekend
In My Haze (feat. Jane Tyrrell) ::: Horrorshow
Salvation ::: Scanners
Animal ::: Neon Trees
Percussion Gun ::: White Rabbits
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb ::: Spoon
Coastin (feat. K. Flay) ::: Zion I
Reel Me In ::: Aqualung
Airplanes (feat. Hayley Willaims) ::: B.o.B
Your Love's a Drug ::: Leighton Meester
Kiss Me Again ::: Jessica Lea Mayfield
Run Run Run ::: Phoenix
Horchata ::: Vampire Weekend
Cosmic Love ::: Florence + The Machines
The Sun Ain't Shining No More ::: The Asteroids Galaxy
Shades Off ::: X & Hell
Falling Down ::: Scarlett Johansson
Boy Crazy ::: Jasmine Sagginario
Hello Good Morning ::: Diddy
Wild Wolves ::: Athlete
Undertow (feat. The Fray & Estes) ::: Timbaland
All You Need Is Love ::: Brandi Carlile

(my top five)