Miscellaneous Matters


countdown: three weeks. that's three weeks until summer. three weeks until i am textbook free. three weeks until my days at hays mcconn commence. three weeks until i am officially a senior in high school. most importantly, three weeks until the end of junior year. it's not quite over yet; so, i think i'll postpone my reflection on the year as a whole until i gain complete liberty from the hallways of memorial.

so until then, i'll discuss two of my guilty pleasures. one's old. one's new.

one ::: the gossip girl season finale is this monday. and though this season was sub-par compared to one and two, i'll admit that the past few eps have had me on the edge of my seat.
i mean, Derena round 18?! didn't see that one coming. can't decide if i like it.
jenny. go away. don't come back. ever. you and your horses mane are blinding my eyes.
if blair and chuck aren't together again, don't expect a post for a long time seeing that i will be mourning for quite awhile..
oh and i'll finish with this: it is extremely likely that i will be in paris when leighton, blake, and ed are shooting season four there. nbd. let that one marinade. too bad lana baumgartner is ditching me to go back to tejas.

two ::: i love itskingsleybitch on youtube. his bitter outlook on life is so terribly amusing. such a guily pleasure.
"are we in a sauce drought?!"
"and when you were seriously walking like a sloth two seconds before and now you're a cheetah"
"i'm sittin up in here with all this bipolar weather..."
"it was CLEARLY 103 degrees"
"i hate when you go but a movie, like i did, i got Sorority Row, and then they have it in this stupid ass cover"
"i hate when people give me a card for my birthday that sings to me. because that shit is not cute."

anyway, he blabs on various topics including birds, his zoo visits, the repetition of songs on the radio, the failure of jimmy johns to live up to their superior sandwhich status, bipolar weather, miley cyrus, ke$ha and her feathers, and then some more birdz. check him out. you need a little laughter in your day.


Lana B said...

Molly Bolly. SO much to comment on.

1. I agree whole heartedly. Jenny needs to die. And she can take her little fun-sucker attitude with her.
2. Perhaps I won't go to camp? I'll talk to David. This Paris thing needs to happen and so does Boston. But that's another story.
3. "ARE WE IN A SAUCE DROUGHT" and "not only are quiznos and subway superior in EVERY way" and many, many more. You got some of the best ones. I laughed my face off
4. You are a joy

Carolyn said...

Molly Bolly, one thing to comment on.

1. that is WAY TOO much cussing for a young woman like yourself. (and for me for that matter!)
2. No more of this guy fo' you
3. I'm counting down too, because that means Coco & Bridget reunited!
4. Ok, that was 3 things...now 4.

Holly Hartman said...

Regarding his comments about kids not listening in class. WELCOME TO MY WORLD for the last 15 years! I only wish I could respond as he does (at 1:38-39 in the video)! Of course, I guess I COULD, but I don't want to get fired.