Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Y'all, tonight, I felt like a true native Texan sittin' in the bed of a Ford pickup truck, wearin' blue jean shorts and my high school tshirt, listenin' to country music while watchin' a baseball game as mosquitoes ate me alive. As Sterett said, I felt like I was in a Taylor Swift music video. To make the night even more sweet, we won the game 5-4 and are advancing to the next round of the playoffs. Our rival team, the Stratford Spartan, lost today resulting in our regional match-up being against Clements High. My inner cheerleader shines in these intense playoff games. So as the school year comes to an end (and for the many seniors on the team their high school career comes to an end), the baseball season continues. One more win and we advance to state. That's Mustang baseball at its finest. Forget those 'stros, it's time to cheer on the 'stangs.



Lana said...

Oh go 'Stangs.