June & July Jams


So perhaps you recently went to my blog only to be surprised by a loud song blasting from your computer speakers. Sorry for the absence of a warning. Surprise, I guess?! Don't worry. I got the surprise too when it suddenly bursted from my speakers...at the office. Awesome.

Carolyn isn't an advocate for putting music on websites. Usually I take her advice, but this time Coco I'm gonna keep it as is. I really like my music in case that you all haven't noticed. It's a close second to clothing. I just can't pass up any opportunity to present it to my fellow followers! And my English teacher said she loved my first addition--Florence + the Machine's "Cosmic Love". So victory for the music on the blog!

I got a new computer today. My trusty black macbook had served me well since Christmas of 8th grade, but it was time to move up in the world. Mr. Macbook was on its last legs as I had put...I'm embarrassed to say..5,406 photos on it. TOO MUCH. I know. I can't help that my high school generation is picture crazed and must take a picture with every single person they've ever said hello to in their lifetime if any somewhat-kinda-sorta important event comes up. Be it a pep rally, vacation, or even just a night out with the girls...it's time to bust out the cameras ladies. I ain't complaining though. It's weird, but my friends would understand that it's like a feeling of accomplishment once you've finished a night with a good amount of quality pictures.

Photography is spreading as a new hobby for many. My yearbook adviser (& BOD follower!) Holly Hartman, my friends Claire Hogan, Lexi Fink, Sarah Page, and future teacher Ms. Bottoms are all in Tanzania, Africa for a photography trip. Photography (Ms. Bottoms class) is a senior exclusive class because it's just that popular. Makenna got a Nikon SLR camera a year or so ago and the picture quality difference quality is significantly better than the point and shoot. Note the diffy:

As one would guess though, your pocket may burn a little more when purchasing one of these bad boys. Not to mention, your arm may tire from carrying one of these muthas around. I'd like to get one for myself soon for yearbook purposes and it just seems like a worthwhile purchase considering my amount of picture taking and hopeful future in publications. Not to mention, a KEY to good blogging is superb picture quality. I don't want to disappoint any of you. The one problem I keep running into is that December 25th is 179 days away...But who's counting?

Okay, I've hopped from music to computers to cameras, but I'm gonna try to get back to the original point which was music. My new computer allowed me to get access back to all my music which was long overdue. So, now that my dear iTunes is fully functioning I need to share my current favorites. I just made my dad a CD with some of my favorite songs that I think he might like. He may be a fan of less than half, but it's worth a try anyway. Don't worry, I didn't put any Miley or Drake on there.

guilty pleasures
Liberty Walk :: Miley Cyrus
Up All Night ::: Drake & Nicki Minaj
I'll Be In the Sky ::: B.o.B
Brooklyn Girls ::: Charles Hamilton
Shut the Club Down ::: Girl Talk
Like OMG, Baby ::: DJ Earworm
Round & Round ::: Selena Gomez

tree hill epicness
Re-Offender ::: Travis
Untold ::: Pete Francis
Heaven ::: The Fire Theft
Run ::: Snow Patrol
Twenty Years ::: Augustana
Sidewalks ::: Story of the Year
More than Anyone ::: Gavin DeGraw
Everybody's Changing ::: Keane

what you won't find on 104.1
Good Vibrations ::: Gym Class Heroes
Crown On The Ground ::: Sleigh Bells
Prelude 12/21 ::: AFI
Pop the Glock ::: Uffie
Like a Spoke On a Wheel ::: The Little Ones
I Belong to You ::: Muse
I Am Not a Robot ::: Marina & The Diamonds

easy on the ear
King of Anything ::: Sara Bareilles (current blog song)
The Fly Scientist ::: Drake & Coldplay
17 ::: Sky Ferreira
Got Your Back ::: T.I. feat. Keri Hilson
Miss Me ::: Drake feat. Lil Wayne

Oh and PS just got the new 4G software for my phone. Lovin' the background on the home page. Well done, Steve Jobs, well done. Ok I need to be at work in 7 hours sooo bedtime! Happy Monday!


In Sickness & In Health


I was born with a heart murmur, and while I've always read this in my baby book it has taken me until now to realize how fortunate I am to have had the hole in my heart close up days after I was born. My friend, Makenna, whom you have read about before was not this lucky. She had surgery when she was just a newborn to fix her heart--and has a scar to prove it. And now, 17 years later, it was time for a follow up surgery.

I, for one, have never broken a bone, had a major illness, been sent to the emergency room, or anything of the like (knock on wood), which is surprising considering my countless hours spent on balance beams and more recently standing under considerably dangerous cheerleading stunts. My point is that I'm not very good with hospitals. My only memories of being in them are--as most people--in times where those that I love were not well. But regardless of my hesitations about hospitals, I know that visitors is just about the only thing that would get one through the day with all those wires hooked up to them and nasty smelling cafeteria food.

{MB, Jules, Sickling Makenna, Kelli & Hannah/GG]

So, I went to visit Makenna two days after her open heart surgery. They placed a cow valve in a heart...yes, I said cow...and the doctors said the procedure went very well. I felt very adult as I meandered through the busy streets of Houston's medical center and afterwards wandering around 4 some odd buildings until I finally landed in the right spot (they really got make that less confusing!) Room 1517 was jam-packed with gorgeous flower arrangements, balloons, "get well soon" cards, and sweet treats. I myself came came fully stocked with yellow flowers put together by the great Meems who is a connoisseur of anything floral. And how appropriate! Yellow flowers is a symbol of friendship and supposedly yellow blooms send a message of new beginnings.

Also in hand was Makenna's birthday present...2 months late. But hey, better late than never! My intention was to give it to her shortly after her birthday in April but in the mix of APs and finals it just didn't get done. So, her surgery seemed like the perfect time to surprise Keeks with a little homemade gift. I have always fantasized over the idea of designing album covers for a living. Whenever I purchase a new song on iTunes, half the fun for me is examining the artwork that is added to my library. Every artist's artwork expresses his or her unique style and musical talent. So, I took the liberty of making the job for myself by making Makenna her very own album artwork. It wasn't hard to find so-called "artsy" pictures of Makenna and with the simple addition of some of her favorite quotations, her lyrics, and song titles, it was a piece of cake. And I enjoyed every second of it. Rather than presenting it in the form of an actual album cover, I blew it up onto a larger poster to display in her room.

It's been a week since her surgery now and she's doing great. She returned home Monday-very happily I might add. She's been bedridden for the majority of her recovery, but she's slowly getting back to speed. I've spent two of the nights at her house staying up to watch One Tree Hill until four in the morning. Yes, work the next day was a bit of a struggle, but I don't regret one single episode. And now we've got Tess hooked too.

She won't be driving for six weeks, but she's got a spot saved in my passenger seat! Oh wait! Doctors orders said she must ride in the back. How precious...I'll be like mommy carpooling my little Kenners around town. And the BEST part of it all is when she'll be struttin' down the halls as a senior next year with a rollie backpack. Work it, girlfriend, work it. What says SKA better than a rollie backpack?

So keep Makenna in your prayers and be thankful for your beating, healthy, all-in-one-piece heart!


Thank You, Julianne Staine


Back in the 6th grade, many a friend told me I reminded them of Haley James. And once upon a time that name meant absolutely nothing to me. I told them that and their simple response consisted of a confused stunned look, followed by a quick gasp, and a reply of "well all you need to know is that she has a really hott boyfriend." Um, okay?

Now, six short years later, it has taken me six short days to hear the name Haley James probably close to a hundred times. I started and finished the first season of One Tree Hill all in less than a week. An accomplishment I'm proud of? Not exactly considering that indicated my significant lack of social activity and/or sleep. I take that back. It was SO worth it. And you wanna know the best part of it all? I have six seasons to go! [Okay I'm not the devil people, the number six just seems to be a reoccurring theme, kay?] Something to fill the nights I can't sleep, the plane rides to Paris I need to fill my time, and something to reminisce with my many friends that have been avid followers of the series since...elementary school! I know, I'm so behind on this trend. So unlike me!

So last year it was Gossip Girl, last summer it was The OC, and this summer One Tree Hill takes center stage. My mom has her Words with Friends, my dad is suddenly creeping on an addiction to a Boggle game on his Droid, and I guess I can confess my new guilty pleasure: One Tree Hill. More specifically, Nathan Scott/James Lafferty.

On that note, I think I'll take J's advice (Julianne supplied me with the discs and for that I am forever grateful, love ya J!) and pop in season two. The night is young people! So good evening for now and happy father's day to all you daddys especially mine; love you pops! Oh! One more thing: Happy birthday sista sherry Amy! Love you my only blondie sis :)


Overseas Outfits


All I gotta say is thank GOODNESS for Polyvore. This site is a dream come true for any girl with a fashion fetish. It's been on my bookmarks bar for a little over a year now and is regularly sitting open next to Facebook, Gmail, B.O.D, and whowhatwear. It allows you to search practically any item, trend, or style icon and you'll find a design produced by a Polyvore user (i'm a member!) that includes that which you were searching for. It sounds confusing, but it's really quite simple. All you need to know is that it's a magical tool for inspiration and ideas beyond your typical online shopping. Way beyond.

And it was Polyvore to the rescue once again when I began to plan my outfits for my Euro vaca in a few weeks! I put together a trio of outfits all fit for different occasions. [As you can imagine, packing light is a bit of a struggle pour moi.] I picture the blue net-a-porter dress functioning as a perfect day to night look. Wear it with a pair of sandals while shopping in Paris along the Champs-Elysées. Then, later adorning the multi-colored jeweled necklace and nude cage heels for an upscale dinner in the beautiful city of lights for the perfect Parisian evening look.

The middle outfit is ideal for a breezy afternoon in Graz. The purple blazer along with the bright patterned scarf will be perfect to use as layers when segwaying from indoors to out in Graz. From walking Elsie in the park with my sister to a late afternoon visit to the local café, the outfit will be conventional and modest yet a touch on the edge with the atypical color combination and substitute of green army style pants in lieu of good 'ole fashion American denim.

Now the last outfit is for a super cas [casual] afternoon. The shorts for when the temperatures mimic the weather of my native city-Houston. A simple white top to not distract from the adorable accessories of a leopard scarf (a little touch of animal print never hurt anyone!) and a darling brown fedora with black accents to go with the scarf without being too matchy-matchy. And that bag. Oh, that bag. I didn't lie in my previous post...I love a good brown bag and Serena Van der Woodsen taught me to embellish your wardrobe with studs as many times as you can. And what Serena says goes. At least in my book.

So, there you have it. A little sneak peek into what I'm looking to wear in the streets of Europe. And that will be while looking for new fashions to sport when I return to the states. Word on the street is that H&Ms are like Starbucks in America...every where you turn. Ahh, how the fun never ends. This trip will be filled with fun, festivites, family, food, fedoras, and lots of fashion. So, thanks mom and dad for allowing me to come on this trip of a lifetime. I'm so perked!


A Sisterly Summer


[me with erin and her little boy sam at Thomson & Hanson]

I may have failed to mention this thus far, but I am the youngest of seven children (though I assume many of my readers know me well enough to know that OR are one my sisters). Anyway, yesterday I got to experience a change of pace from my usual Saturdays of being with my friends. I got to spend it with my seesters! Mimi (that's mom, but ever since the grandkids came along she's most commonly referred to as Mimi slash Meems) came along too.

Amy is my oldest sister. She went to Vanderbilt University (a major prospect for me too) and now owns an online baby clothing store called Pima Threads. So the next time you're on the lookout for a baby shower gift, hit her up. Her even bigger job, however, is being the mother of her two darling girls--Cecilia (Ceci) and Ana. She balances her baby business with taking the girls to and from swim practice, school, and the like while always still managing to make time to look up houses online.


Carolyn was absent from our afternoon out and about in the hip areas of Houston. She couldn't quite make the trip home from Austria for a day of shopping and lunch, although I know she would love to spend some time back home with the family. Lucky for her, she has had lots of visitors come in 2010. In fact, I'll be making my way across the big pond with my parents in a mere three weeks! It's hard to believe it's approaching so fast. I could barely think about it in the midst of the busy school year, but now it's right around the corner. We'll make pit stops in Paris, Versailles, Graz, Vienna, and Salzburg....but more on that later! We missed you Cokes.

Erin is my sister closest in age. She married Jason who she met at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas--a little north of Austin. Speaking of Austin, that's where she, Jas, and their smiley son Sam reside. She works for a company called Razorfish, and if you take a look at it, you can see that she works in a very creative environment.

All of my sisters are alike in their sense of creativity, intelligence, and witty humor.

Back on topic, now. We spent a lovely morning at a store called High Fashion Home. A four story building located in downtown Houston, High Fashion houses contemporary furniture, bolts and bolts of fabric, artwork, and even clothes and jewelry (which I enjoyed). Our mission was to find Amy a patterned fabric for some pillows, and while the mission turned out unsuccessful, my mom and I shockingly (there was a tone of sarcasm in that if you didn't catch that) managed to buy some clothes. I found a pair of dish skinny jeans. This Canadian brand makes the softest denim that fit me to a tee..and for a reasonably cheap price to boot. And a high school girl can never have too many pairs of jeans. As in the words of Jane Tyrell, "some say too much of a good thing, but to me there's no such thing. I just, just have to let this thing be good to me." My mom, Amy, and I all made a purchase of bandeau bras to layer under sheer clothes. Super comfy and versatile to pair with many outfits. And perfect for the Houston weather of 99 degrees (but let me tell you, in the "Feels Like" index on those weather websites it should read 243 degrees). Totally mizzy.


[bandeau bra]

After our shopping pursuits were complete, we made our way over to Tiny Boxwoods. Lana and I make frequent trips to Tiny's. This quaint spot located in the River Oaks area is the perfect lunch café. Their menu is simple, but wonderful, as is the atmosphere with its neutral color palette against the greenery of the ivy surrounding the large French windows. Tiny's is situated right next to a nursery called Thompson & Hanson. In fact, they have the same owner. While I haven't found much use of the plant shop, it does add to the cutesy nature of the restaurant. Oh, and did I mention that their choc chip cookies are to die for?

So, while the husbands (well their husbands, yes all my sisters are married and I'm still in dad gum high school..pity me..kidding, well kinda) were out playing in the first annual McConn golf tournament, the girls did what we do best: shop and eat. And simply enjoy each other's company.

So here's to all my sissies!

Love you all dearly.



The Great Communicator


No, no my dears, this post is not dedicated to the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. My American history knowledge was thrown out the window the minute that AP test let out. (Which was too bad for that SAT Subject Test I took on Saturday, but whateva..) This post actually concerns that ever-so-looming question of COLLEGE. That seven letter word makes me feel a whole gamut of emotions ranging from anxiety to esctasy. North or South? In state or out? Public or private? Big or small? These questions are still up in the air, which is why I'll be applying to schools as different as UT (huge, in state, south, temperatures in the 2000 degree celcius range, and public thus super cheap) and Northwestern (fairly itty bitty, out of state, north, might as well be Antarctica to this native Houstonian, and private thus causing my dad to practice law until he hits his 90s or so considering this'll be his 7th kid to put through college).

One question, however, was resolved at my meeting with the college counselor at my high school today. As I sat with her discussing my thoughts thus far on where I would be applying, I revealed that I was interested in the BHP (Business Honors Program) at UT. Suddenly, she asked me why I wanted to be a business major. I replied with a legitimate answer stating that the program offered a small network of extremely intelligent individuals; it's an automatic job offer when you graduate from there in addition to the job scope being extremely versatile with a BHP diploma. One thing, one vital ingredient, one crucial piece to this puzzle was missing. My answer was straight from my brain rather than my heart. No part of me emoted my desire to be a business major. I didn't gush with excitement while thinking of the prospect of being a future investment banker at Goldman Sachs. I rather listed the pros and cons, which while admirable, is no way to determine the path for, well, the rest of my life!

So she simply asked me one question: what do you do when you have nothing else to do? No work, no school, no college planning. It doesn't matter if it sounds silly, what do you enjoy? Immediately, an image formed in my mind of me [well, as a matter of fact, doing exactly what I'm doing at this very instant] sitting against of a batch of colorful pillows on this white couch in the nook of my bedroom beneath my dimly lit chandelier with of course, my number one companion: my macbook. My 4 gigs of memory left speaks for the usage I have gotten out of this bad boy since I received it on Christmas morning of 8th grade. Perhaps I am doing the usual teenage activities such as social networking via Facebook or editing pictures from the most recent formal. But more often, you can find me making school projects with graphic software. Or making gifts for my friends with photos. Or making a slideshow for a bride's rehearsal dinner. Or writing in my journal that I keep on my computer. Or doing this!

So, let's jump to the point: there is no doubt about it--everything about me screams communications major. I have to be in a creative environment and a business major just wouldn't support that. After doing some research on what UT has to offer with its prestigious communications school, it looks ideal. . The journalism school has a program geared for those students interested in the magazine industry (hello! my list of things to do before I die! totes perf) They offer classes in feature writing, creative writing, web and visual art. Gosh, I get excited just thinking about it. And trust me, waves of excitement were not churning when thinking of Accounting 101 and Intro to Banking. BLAH.

So, here's to a future filled with communicating! We wouldn't be anywhere without such a thing, so why not major in it? Sayonara McCombs School of Business, it's been a pleasure. But it's time for my future at Lucky Mag (or Nylon as shown above) to intervene! Wish me luck on all my college app endeavors. And let me know if you know of any out of state schools with excellent communication programs.


Pep Planner


MHS 2010-2011 Varisty Cheerleading Squad:
Top Row: Ethan Miller, Barrett Von Blon, Matt Roland, John Baird, Brent Carlton, Del Mixon, Tim Withers, Travis Clayton
Middle Row: Elaine Thomas as Mustang Max, Liz Douglass, Lexi Fink, Caroline Hickey, Rachel Moody, Demi Hodam, Josephine Overton, Colleen Morgan as Mustang Sally
Bottom Row: Daniella, Yours Truly, Aubrey Kirkpatrick, Shannon Hoyt, Lauren Mohn

On Memorial's Varsity cheerleading squad, there are three captain positions for both boys and girls.
A male and female for each position of
Head captain.
Pep Rally captain.
& Game Day Captain.

All have different job descriptions, but pep rally seemed to suit me the best due in part to my fetish for shopping. These skills will come to good use when planning all the girls' pep rally outfits and creating the player of the week gifts and so forth. It'll be hard work, but it'll also be fun to be behind the scenes of such a large production at MHS.

But, I can't do this alone! I'm on the prowl for some killer pep rally outfits for these eleven lovely ladies. If you have some spare and want to lend a helping hand, your efforts would be much appreciated!

Here's a list of the themes for the 2010-2011 school year:
one) War Week: White Out, Red Out, Camo
two) Nerd
three) Rock'n'Roll
four) Cirque de Memorial
five) Western

As expected, there are a few constraints!
The outfits must be dress code appropriate, somewhat suitable to perform in, and obviously, really freakin' cute. Go 'stangs!


Life with Lana


Jamie Rae Photography ©

Dear Molly
wonderful, wonderful Molly

You are not obnoxious
never self-centered
always a comfort
always fascinating
or intriguing
or intrigued.
Because you are
a good listener
a good friend
a best friend.
Someone I am proud to call my best friend
for you are
so so
much more.
Never a bother
Always someone I love having around.
Always someone
I love.
you are
so lovable.

My dear friend, Lana, wrote this about me. Her way with words is one thing. But I know that everything she says is straight from her heart. Her mind is so complex; she's extremely thoughtful, incredibly caring, and has made my junior year a thousand times more pleasant. She's the editor-in-chief of next year's Reata staff, so we'll be spending lots of time together. But get this! The day she leaves Paris is the day I arrive. I know we'll get another opportunity to traverse Europe together though because the signs have shown that we were meant to travel together, right Lan? I've never had a friend quite like her. Freshman year, our only connection was our 3rd period geometry class and the Student Council study hall. We didn't know each other one bit and didn't have any intention of getting to know each other. Sophomore year we were in the same journalism class. It's quite strange to think that we spent a whole year in R-206 without talking when next year I can only imagine how many memories will be made in Holly Hartman's classroom. I occassionally talked to her for a minute (maybe) over the phone when I informed her of Student Council events as the class president. But those convos were awkward..to say the least. She didn't think she had anything in common with me. And why should I blame her? Especially since I thought the exact same thing about her. And pretty much everyone around us still thinks that holds true to this day. But..We beg to differ. We beg to differ a lot.
Turns out, we're the same person. Sure, I'm a bleach blonde Varsity cheerleader who can sometimes come off as a perfectionist while L is a deep thinker who hates dances and big groups of people while I aim to be center stage at a pep rally. But people, that's all on the surface.
We have identical music tastes.
We love people that are passionate.
We have the same views on so many areas and feed off of each other well whenever in deep conversation.
We bounce ideas off of each other beautifully and have such a good perspective by learning from one another (she loves perspective and has taught me how to love it too!)
We have a weird obsession with the Memorial yearbook.
We oftentimes have the same thoughts and that weird ESP kinda thing goin' on.
We love quote, really good, new restaurants, lists, discussing religion, photography, and observations.
And more important than anything, we love each other. Lana will undoubtedly be a part of my life for a very long time.

And the funny thing is is that I expected to copy and paste that poem and post it with a simple shout out to this great friend of mine. But geez, I just couln't resist but blab on and on about her! (I know she'll be reading this too because she's a dedicated follower of B.O.D. which is another that ya gotta love 'er) And she's a fellow blogger! Check her out pretty please!

So thank you, Lana for everything you've done for me. Love you lots!


hook 'em!


So the rule is that if you 1) live in texas and 2) are in the top ten percent of your class you have automatic admittance to Texas public universities. This includes UT and A&M-the two most popular schools that most mustang graduates head off to. But, as would be expected, the lucky class of 2011 is the first class to have the new top eight percent rule apply. It seems as though we always get the short end of the stick. First this. Then the 4 by 4 rule (law stating that we have to take 4 years of all core subjects). Thirdly, have you seen the boys in my grade? ..Such a struggle. And lastly, class of '11? Really? At least 10 is a nice round number. And 2012 is the 50 year anniversary for Memorial.

But I didn't come here to talk about the pros and cons of being in my class; I have good news! The top eight percent rule applies after your junior year so your senior year grades aren't factored in. Grades were just posted and according to Texas state law I'm into the University of Texas! I don't feel old enough to be accepted into college already. I feel as though college is just the place that my siblings go to. How did I get here so fast? So many people dream of going to UT. I saw so many of my senior friends statuses reading: "_____ ____ GOT INTO TEXASSSS!!!!!!" It's not quite the same feeling as reading the typeface on a letter with an official seal, but hey, it'll do for now. I wish this meant that senior year was irrelevant, but that's not quite the case. Got to explore my options, and unfortunately, Princeton really couldn't care less what my class rank is considering all their students are basically number one in their class. But it is a cool feeling. I got into college. So who knows what the future holds for me, but knowing that a place is being saved for me at UT will make my numerous visits to Austin a heck of a lot more fun.

xo & hook 'em! :)