The Great Communicator


No, no my dears, this post is not dedicated to the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. My American history knowledge was thrown out the window the minute that AP test let out. (Which was too bad for that SAT Subject Test I took on Saturday, but whateva..) This post actually concerns that ever-so-looming question of COLLEGE. That seven letter word makes me feel a whole gamut of emotions ranging from anxiety to esctasy. North or South? In state or out? Public or private? Big or small? These questions are still up in the air, which is why I'll be applying to schools as different as UT (huge, in state, south, temperatures in the 2000 degree celcius range, and public thus super cheap) and Northwestern (fairly itty bitty, out of state, north, might as well be Antarctica to this native Houstonian, and private thus causing my dad to practice law until he hits his 90s or so considering this'll be his 7th kid to put through college).

One question, however, was resolved at my meeting with the college counselor at my high school today. As I sat with her discussing my thoughts thus far on where I would be applying, I revealed that I was interested in the BHP (Business Honors Program) at UT. Suddenly, she asked me why I wanted to be a business major. I replied with a legitimate answer stating that the program offered a small network of extremely intelligent individuals; it's an automatic job offer when you graduate from there in addition to the job scope being extremely versatile with a BHP diploma. One thing, one vital ingredient, one crucial piece to this puzzle was missing. My answer was straight from my brain rather than my heart. No part of me emoted my desire to be a business major. I didn't gush with excitement while thinking of the prospect of being a future investment banker at Goldman Sachs. I rather listed the pros and cons, which while admirable, is no way to determine the path for, well, the rest of my life!

So she simply asked me one question: what do you do when you have nothing else to do? No work, no school, no college planning. It doesn't matter if it sounds silly, what do you enjoy? Immediately, an image formed in my mind of me [well, as a matter of fact, doing exactly what I'm doing at this very instant] sitting against of a batch of colorful pillows on this white couch in the nook of my bedroom beneath my dimly lit chandelier with of course, my number one companion: my macbook. My 4 gigs of memory left speaks for the usage I have gotten out of this bad boy since I received it on Christmas morning of 8th grade. Perhaps I am doing the usual teenage activities such as social networking via Facebook or editing pictures from the most recent formal. But more often, you can find me making school projects with graphic software. Or making gifts for my friends with photos. Or making a slideshow for a bride's rehearsal dinner. Or writing in my journal that I keep on my computer. Or doing this!

So, let's jump to the point: there is no doubt about it--everything about me screams communications major. I have to be in a creative environment and a business major just wouldn't support that. After doing some research on what UT has to offer with its prestigious communications school, it looks ideal. . The journalism school has a program geared for those students interested in the magazine industry (hello! my list of things to do before I die! totes perf) They offer classes in feature writing, creative writing, web and visual art. Gosh, I get excited just thinking about it. And trust me, waves of excitement were not churning when thinking of Accounting 101 and Intro to Banking. BLAH.

So, here's to a future filled with communicating! We wouldn't be anywhere without such a thing, so why not major in it? Sayonara McCombs School of Business, it's been a pleasure. But it's time for my future at Lucky Mag (or Nylon as shown above) to intervene! Wish me luck on all my college app endeavors. And let me know if you know of any out of state schools with excellent communication programs.



Lana B said...

Summer at NYU.
Communications class.



Ann Williams said...

Hi Molly--
I love the music on your blog. Also I love your note about your conference with your college counselor. Every decision I have made with just my brain has been wrong. You are so wise to see you must put your heart into decisions as well.
Good for you! My English major and teaching incorporated everything from my head and my heart that I could give--and also enjoy!
Ann Williams

Kirby McDaniel said...

UT Communication buddies all the way! yes, i did just use the word "buddies".