hook 'em!


So the rule is that if you 1) live in texas and 2) are in the top ten percent of your class you have automatic admittance to Texas public universities. This includes UT and A&M-the two most popular schools that most mustang graduates head off to. But, as would be expected, the lucky class of 2011 is the first class to have the new top eight percent rule apply. It seems as though we always get the short end of the stick. First this. Then the 4 by 4 rule (law stating that we have to take 4 years of all core subjects). Thirdly, have you seen the boys in my grade? ..Such a struggle. And lastly, class of '11? Really? At least 10 is a nice round number. And 2012 is the 50 year anniversary for Memorial.

But I didn't come here to talk about the pros and cons of being in my class; I have good news! The top eight percent rule applies after your junior year so your senior year grades aren't factored in. Grades were just posted and according to Texas state law I'm into the University of Texas! I don't feel old enough to be accepted into college already. I feel as though college is just the place that my siblings go to. How did I get here so fast? So many people dream of going to UT. I saw so many of my senior friends statuses reading: "_____ ____ GOT INTO TEXASSSS!!!!!!" It's not quite the same feeling as reading the typeface on a letter with an official seal, but hey, it'll do for now. I wish this meant that senior year was irrelevant, but that's not quite the case. Got to explore my options, and unfortunately, Princeton really couldn't care less what my class rank is considering all their students are basically number one in their class. But it is a cool feeling. I got into college. So who knows what the future holds for me, but knowing that a place is being saved for me at UT will make my numerous visits to Austin a heck of a lot more fun.

xo & hook 'em! :)


Carolyn said...

I can't believe you'll be going to college in a year. And Texas at that! You've worked HARD...not surprised at the 'acceptance'.

Holly Hartman said...

WOW!! That's GREAT! I didn't know this. And PS...2013 is actually the 50 year anniversary of MHS. Just found that out. Sorry Macy! Yay Grace!