June & July Jams


So perhaps you recently went to my blog only to be surprised by a loud song blasting from your computer speakers. Sorry for the absence of a warning. Surprise, I guess?! Don't worry. I got the surprise too when it suddenly bursted from my speakers...at the office. Awesome.

Carolyn isn't an advocate for putting music on websites. Usually I take her advice, but this time Coco I'm gonna keep it as is. I really like my music in case that you all haven't noticed. It's a close second to clothing. I just can't pass up any opportunity to present it to my fellow followers! And my English teacher said she loved my first addition--Florence + the Machine's "Cosmic Love". So victory for the music on the blog!

I got a new computer today. My trusty black macbook had served me well since Christmas of 8th grade, but it was time to move up in the world. Mr. Macbook was on its last legs as I had put...I'm embarrassed to say..5,406 photos on it. TOO MUCH. I know. I can't help that my high school generation is picture crazed and must take a picture with every single person they've ever said hello to in their lifetime if any somewhat-kinda-sorta important event comes up. Be it a pep rally, vacation, or even just a night out with the girls...it's time to bust out the cameras ladies. I ain't complaining though. It's weird, but my friends would understand that it's like a feeling of accomplishment once you've finished a night with a good amount of quality pictures.

Photography is spreading as a new hobby for many. My yearbook adviser (& BOD follower!) Holly Hartman, my friends Claire Hogan, Lexi Fink, Sarah Page, and future teacher Ms. Bottoms are all in Tanzania, Africa for a photography trip. Photography (Ms. Bottoms class) is a senior exclusive class because it's just that popular. Makenna got a Nikon SLR camera a year or so ago and the picture quality difference quality is significantly better than the point and shoot. Note the diffy:

As one would guess though, your pocket may burn a little more when purchasing one of these bad boys. Not to mention, your arm may tire from carrying one of these muthas around. I'd like to get one for myself soon for yearbook purposes and it just seems like a worthwhile purchase considering my amount of picture taking and hopeful future in publications. Not to mention, a KEY to good blogging is superb picture quality. I don't want to disappoint any of you. The one problem I keep running into is that December 25th is 179 days away...But who's counting?

Okay, I've hopped from music to computers to cameras, but I'm gonna try to get back to the original point which was music. My new computer allowed me to get access back to all my music which was long overdue. So, now that my dear iTunes is fully functioning I need to share my current favorites. I just made my dad a CD with some of my favorite songs that I think he might like. He may be a fan of less than half, but it's worth a try anyway. Don't worry, I didn't put any Miley or Drake on there.

guilty pleasures
Liberty Walk :: Miley Cyrus
Up All Night ::: Drake & Nicki Minaj
I'll Be In the Sky ::: B.o.B
Brooklyn Girls ::: Charles Hamilton
Shut the Club Down ::: Girl Talk
Like OMG, Baby ::: DJ Earworm
Round & Round ::: Selena Gomez

tree hill epicness
Re-Offender ::: Travis
Untold ::: Pete Francis
Heaven ::: The Fire Theft
Run ::: Snow Patrol
Twenty Years ::: Augustana
Sidewalks ::: Story of the Year
More than Anyone ::: Gavin DeGraw
Everybody's Changing ::: Keane

what you won't find on 104.1
Good Vibrations ::: Gym Class Heroes
Crown On The Ground ::: Sleigh Bells
Prelude 12/21 ::: AFI
Pop the Glock ::: Uffie
Like a Spoke On a Wheel ::: The Little Ones
I Belong to You ::: Muse
I Am Not a Robot ::: Marina & The Diamonds

easy on the ear
King of Anything ::: Sara Bareilles (current blog song)
The Fly Scientist ::: Drake & Coldplay
17 ::: Sky Ferreira
Got Your Back ::: T.I. feat. Keri Hilson
Miss Me ::: Drake feat. Lil Wayne

Oh and PS just got the new 4G software for my phone. Lovin' the background on the home page. Well done, Steve Jobs, well done. Ok I need to be at work in 7 hours sooo bedtime! Happy Monday!



Carolyn said...

my computer blocks any canty loud music, so i'm immune. see you soon!

Lana B said...

Looking forward to looking up all those songs! And SLRs ROCK. I can't wait to show you the pictures I've taken here in Syria with the new camera we got