Life with Lana


Jamie Rae Photography ©

Dear Molly
wonderful, wonderful Molly

You are not obnoxious
never self-centered
always a comfort
always fascinating
or intriguing
or intrigued.
Because you are
a good listener
a good friend
a best friend.
Someone I am proud to call my best friend
for you are
so so
much more.
Never a bother
Always someone I love having around.
Always someone
I love.
you are
so lovable.

My dear friend, Lana, wrote this about me. Her way with words is one thing. But I know that everything she says is straight from her heart. Her mind is so complex; she's extremely thoughtful, incredibly caring, and has made my junior year a thousand times more pleasant. She's the editor-in-chief of next year's Reata staff, so we'll be spending lots of time together. But get this! The day she leaves Paris is the day I arrive. I know we'll get another opportunity to traverse Europe together though because the signs have shown that we were meant to travel together, right Lan? I've never had a friend quite like her. Freshman year, our only connection was our 3rd period geometry class and the Student Council study hall. We didn't know each other one bit and didn't have any intention of getting to know each other. Sophomore year we were in the same journalism class. It's quite strange to think that we spent a whole year in R-206 without talking when next year I can only imagine how many memories will be made in Holly Hartman's classroom. I occassionally talked to her for a minute (maybe) over the phone when I informed her of Student Council events as the class president. But those convos were say the least. She didn't think she had anything in common with me. And why should I blame her? Especially since I thought the exact same thing about her. And pretty much everyone around us still thinks that holds true to this day. But..We beg to differ. We beg to differ a lot.
Turns out, we're the same person. Sure, I'm a bleach blonde Varsity cheerleader who can sometimes come off as a perfectionist while L is a deep thinker who hates dances and big groups of people while I aim to be center stage at a pep rally. But people, that's all on the surface.
We have identical music tastes.
We love people that are passionate.
We have the same views on so many areas and feed off of each other well whenever in deep conversation.
We bounce ideas off of each other beautifully and have such a good perspective by learning from one another (she loves perspective and has taught me how to love it too!)
We have a weird obsession with the Memorial yearbook.
We oftentimes have the same thoughts and that weird ESP kinda thing goin' on.
We love quote, really good, new restaurants, lists, discussing religion, photography, and observations.
And more important than anything, we love each other. Lana will undoubtedly be a part of my life for a very long time.

And the funny thing is is that I expected to copy and paste that poem and post it with a simple shout out to this great friend of mine. But geez, I just couln't resist but blab on and on about her! (I know she'll be reading this too because she's a dedicated follower of B.O.D. which is another that ya gotta love 'er) And she's a fellow blogger! Check her out pretty please!

So thank you, Lana for everything you've done for me. Love you lots!



Carolyn said...

Lovin' Lana. Lovin' Reata. Who's Jamie Rae? Nice work.

Trent said...

yeahhh Lana is da besssst

i agree