Overseas Outfits


All I gotta say is thank GOODNESS for Polyvore. This site is a dream come true for any girl with a fashion fetish. It's been on my bookmarks bar for a little over a year now and is regularly sitting open next to Facebook, Gmail, B.O.D, and whowhatwear. It allows you to search practically any item, trend, or style icon and you'll find a design produced by a Polyvore user (i'm a member!) that includes that which you were searching for. It sounds confusing, but it's really quite simple. All you need to know is that it's a magical tool for inspiration and ideas beyond your typical online shopping. Way beyond.

And it was Polyvore to the rescue once again when I began to plan my outfits for my Euro vaca in a few weeks! I put together a trio of outfits all fit for different occasions. [As you can imagine, packing light is a bit of a struggle pour moi.] I picture the blue net-a-porter dress functioning as a perfect day to night look. Wear it with a pair of sandals while shopping in Paris along the Champs-Elysées. Then, later adorning the multi-colored jeweled necklace and nude cage heels for an upscale dinner in the beautiful city of lights for the perfect Parisian evening look.

The middle outfit is ideal for a breezy afternoon in Graz. The purple blazer along with the bright patterned scarf will be perfect to use as layers when segwaying from indoors to out in Graz. From walking Elsie in the park with my sister to a late afternoon visit to the local café, the outfit will be conventional and modest yet a touch on the edge with the atypical color combination and substitute of green army style pants in lieu of good 'ole fashion American denim.

Now the last outfit is for a super cas [casual] afternoon. The shorts for when the temperatures mimic the weather of my native city-Houston. A simple white top to not distract from the adorable accessories of a leopard scarf (a little touch of animal print never hurt anyone!) and a darling brown fedora with black accents to go with the scarf without being too matchy-matchy. And that bag. Oh, that bag. I didn't lie in my previous post...I love a good brown bag and Serena Van der Woodsen taught me to embellish your wardrobe with studs as many times as you can. And what Serena says goes. At least in my book.

So, there you have it. A little sneak peek into what I'm looking to wear in the streets of Europe. And that will be while looking for new fashions to sport when I return to the states. Word on the street is that H&Ms are like Starbucks in America...every where you turn. Ahh, how the fun never ends. This trip will be filled with fun, festivites, family, food, fedoras, and lots of fashion. So, thanks mom and dad for allowing me to come on this trip of a lifetime. I'm so perked!