Pep Planner


MHS 2010-2011 Varisty Cheerleading Squad:
Top Row: Ethan Miller, Barrett Von Blon, Matt Roland, John Baird, Brent Carlton, Del Mixon, Tim Withers, Travis Clayton
Middle Row: Elaine Thomas as Mustang Max, Liz Douglass, Lexi Fink, Caroline Hickey, Rachel Moody, Demi Hodam, Josephine Overton, Colleen Morgan as Mustang Sally
Bottom Row: Daniella, Yours Truly, Aubrey Kirkpatrick, Shannon Hoyt, Lauren Mohn

On Memorial's Varsity cheerleading squad, there are three captain positions for both boys and girls.
A male and female for each position of
Head captain.
Pep Rally captain.
& Game Day Captain.

All have different job descriptions, but pep rally seemed to suit me the best due in part to my fetish for shopping. These skills will come to good use when planning all the girls' pep rally outfits and creating the player of the week gifts and so forth. It'll be hard work, but it'll also be fun to be behind the scenes of such a large production at MHS.

But, I can't do this alone! I'm on the prowl for some killer pep rally outfits for these eleven lovely ladies. If you have some spare and want to lend a helping hand, your efforts would be much appreciated!

Here's a list of the themes for the 2010-2011 school year:
one) War Week: White Out, Red Out, Camo
two) Nerd
three) Rock'n'Roll
four) Cirque de Memorial
five) Western

As expected, there are a few constraints!
The outfits must be dress code appropriate, somewhat suitable to perform in, and obviously, really freakin' cute. Go 'stangs!



Ann Williams said...

I love your blog. You really are good at graphic design. I didn't know that about you!
This is so much fun and so you!
I love the themes for pep rallies next year--you must get some pictures of Cirque de Memorial for me.
This is really fun, good for me--I was beginning to feel a little separation anxiety this morning!
Ann (call me by my first name now!)