A Sisterly Summer


[me with erin and her little boy sam at Thomson & Hanson]

I may have failed to mention this thus far, but I am the youngest of seven children (though I assume many of my readers know me well enough to know that OR are one my sisters). Anyway, yesterday I got to experience a change of pace from my usual Saturdays of being with my friends. I got to spend it with my seesters! Mimi (that's mom, but ever since the grandkids came along she's most commonly referred to as Mimi slash Meems) came along too.

Amy is my oldest sister. She went to Vanderbilt University (a major prospect for me too) and now owns an online baby clothing store called Pima Threads. So the next time you're on the lookout for a baby shower gift, hit her up. Her even bigger job, however, is being the mother of her two darling girls--Cecilia (Ceci) and Ana. She balances her baby business with taking the girls to and from swim practice, school, and the like while always still managing to make time to look up houses online.


Carolyn was absent from our afternoon out and about in the hip areas of Houston. She couldn't quite make the trip home from Austria for a day of shopping and lunch, although I know she would love to spend some time back home with the family. Lucky for her, she has had lots of visitors come in 2010. In fact, I'll be making my way across the big pond with my parents in a mere three weeks! It's hard to believe it's approaching so fast. I could barely think about it in the midst of the busy school year, but now it's right around the corner. We'll make pit stops in Paris, Versailles, Graz, Vienna, and Salzburg....but more on that later! We missed you Cokes.

Erin is my sister closest in age. She married Jason who she met at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas--a little north of Austin. Speaking of Austin, that's where she, Jas, and their smiley son Sam reside. She works for a company called Razorfish, and if you take a look at it, you can see that she works in a very creative environment.

All of my sisters are alike in their sense of creativity, intelligence, and witty humor.

Back on topic, now. We spent a lovely morning at a store called High Fashion Home. A four story building located in downtown Houston, High Fashion houses contemporary furniture, bolts and bolts of fabric, artwork, and even clothes and jewelry (which I enjoyed). Our mission was to find Amy a patterned fabric for some pillows, and while the mission turned out unsuccessful, my mom and I shockingly (there was a tone of sarcasm in that if you didn't catch that) managed to buy some clothes. I found a pair of dish skinny jeans. This Canadian brand makes the softest denim that fit me to a tee..and for a reasonably cheap price to boot. And a high school girl can never have too many pairs of jeans. As in the words of Jane Tyrell, "some say too much of a good thing, but to me there's no such thing. I just, just have to let this thing be good to me." My mom, Amy, and I all made a purchase of bandeau bras to layer under sheer clothes. Super comfy and versatile to pair with many outfits. And perfect for the Houston weather of 99 degrees (but let me tell you, in the "Feels Like" index on those weather websites it should read 243 degrees). Totally mizzy.


[bandeau bra]

After our shopping pursuits were complete, we made our way over to Tiny Boxwoods. Lana and I make frequent trips to Tiny's. This quaint spot located in the River Oaks area is the perfect lunch café. Their menu is simple, but wonderful, as is the atmosphere with its neutral color palette against the greenery of the ivy surrounding the large French windows. Tiny's is situated right next to a nursery called Thompson & Hanson. In fact, they have the same owner. While I haven't found much use of the plant shop, it does add to the cutesy nature of the restaurant. Oh, and did I mention that their choc chip cookies are to die for?

So, while the husbands (well their husbands, yes all my sisters are married and I'm still in dad gum high school..pity me..kidding, well kinda) were out playing in the first annual McConn golf tournament, the girls did what we do best: shop and eat. And simply enjoy each other's company.

So here's to all my sissies!

Love you all dearly.




Carolyn said...

cute sissies! thanks for postin' these. although it makes me sad, i love to see some hotties about town. (and a little sam cheese too.)

Amy said...

what a wondey recap! it was a fun detour from my normal saturday (hanging at the pool with my girlies hanging on me). next time we must have coco join us!

Juj said...

Lovin that Tory Burch bag girl