Always Thinkin' of You


As I walk the streets of Europe, I find myself stumbling upon storefronts, ice cream flavors, or just signs that remind me of my friends thousands of miles away. Just a way of showing you all that I'm thinking about you and miss you so!

For my fellow European traveler this summer, yearbook gal, and NYC roommate Dani

Lan, there's three for you.

Now this one's kind of a stretch, but it seemed fitting for Makenna seeing how Harrison used to call us "FASHION LADIES"

Not only does this have Taylor's last name-Maloney-but the place also is named after my first name. A pub called Molly Maloney, brilliant!

And Lauren! You're an ice cream flavor in Austria. This so would happen to Lauren. (It's poppy seed flavor for anybody bubbling with curiosity)




Lana said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bia, you just made me LOL.