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I have a lot to say, but after finishing this post I realized there is nothing cohesive about it. Just random ramblings. And while I'd like to take full credit for this kind of post, lots of bloggers do it. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon or just being a copycat. Either way, here you have it, a list of completely unrelated thoughts for this week.

Lana has inspired me to replace the term "romper" for "playsuit."

I have this sudden urge to attend Fashion Night Out in NYC on September 9th. Unfortunately, cheerleading will get in the way of that. And school. Among many other things. I guess something to add to this last.

And appropriately enough, I have something to scratch off that list. My friend, Kirby, just released a Christian album on iTunes and has offered me the job (eeek!) of designing her next album's artwork. Check out her stuff here.

I've decided to buy something for my enjoyment every week. Something to look forward to. Whether it's a package of my favorite candy or a brand new cocktail dress, just something to indulge in. This week, it's this adorable black playsuit with gold button detailing. The best perks about it are it's easy to throw on and it transitions beautifully from season to season.

They're tearing down half the shopping centers in Houston. Feels all empty.

Makenna introduced me to these scrumptious snacks--Brookside Acai Berries--they're covered in dark chocolate and a total guilty pleasure sans all the guilt in say, a bag of Peanut M&Ms.

All the cheer camp t-shirts came in that I designed, and I have to admit I gave myself a little pat on the back because they came out SO adorable. [below is the back of our pocket tee]

Back in the beginning days of B.O.D, I did a post on fro-yo. After much thought, I've come to a decision that the local hot spot Voss Creamery (where you're bound to see at least three people you know) beats the self serve chains like Swirrl by a landslide.

My mom and I completely disagree with the judges' decision on this week's premiere of Project Runway. Ivy's toile pant ensemble was atrocious. The reject's dress was as T. Gunn said: "adorable", although I wil admit, the pairing with that magenta flower power purse was a hot hot mess.

I'm completely envious of Lana's Summer@Brown experience. The college lifestyle has never sounded so appealing. The countdown is down to twelve months!

I think my yearbook adviser, Ms. Hartman, stated the weather situation here in Houston perfectly when she said, "haven't you heard? they've moved Seattle to Houston." ENOUGH of the rain!

The best thing about Google Chrome: full screen browing.

Is it sad that I already have my Christmas list fully ready for release? Probably.

Okay, I think I got all my blabbing out of my system. As for the remainder of my Europe trip, check out my sister's blog for an in depth look at our getaway. I do, however, plan to upload some of my favorite photos from the trip. Ah, how I miss the pastries, ancient architecture, and especially my sister. I don't miss American food, and that's what's waiting for me right now. About to go out with my parents, brother Chris (happy 37th big brutha!) and sis-in-law Linds. Have a splendid weekend!




Lana said...

Molls, they LOVE you here.

Julianne said...

This post just like made me happy.