C'est la vie!


I like it here. I think I could get used to this lifestyle. I love NYC and it has the same kind of vibe. Except a lot less trash, there's not an ugly road in sight (and there are quite a few of those in the Big Apple), there's less overweight people, and well, they speak French here. But other than that in both of these landmark cities, everyone's lifestyle is extremely fast paced, the streets are always crowded, when you walk outside the combined sounds of footsteps, honks, speeding Vespas overwhelm you (but in a good kind of way), the food is outstanding, and they're both capitals of fashion. What more could a young teenage blogger want in a city?

Day three began with an Internet stop. I was having serious separation anxiety from Mr. Macbook. It was time we reconnected, so my mom and I walked to the local café (AKA Starbucks) to get some wi-fi up in this place. I sat down, bought my hour of internet time, and took full advantage of it. I was like a kid high on candy racing from Facebook to gmail back to facebook to blogger to who the heck knows what else. I barely made enough time to post the previous post that I hope you all enjoyed!

So we headed back and it turned out I had to walk half the way back barefoot. Now Paris is relatively clean, but not quite clean enough to walk freaking barefoot in the dang city. So thanks a lot for you crapster Forever 21 shoes that are good for nothing. They were totally cute for like a good 11 blocks before they busted apart. But I guess it's all a part of the travelling adventures. As the French say, c'est la vie! (Such is life for the non-frenchies)

So then we dined at the little place across the street. I had what the French consider their chef salad. (For those of you that couldn't care less about every meal I consume, I apologize. The McConn family has a slight obsession with anything and everything food related).

So it was time to shift gears from the shopping, church visiting, and eating, and finally go visit one of the fine muesum Paris has to offer. We only had time for one, so we went to the Musée D'Orsay because it offers the most paintings that we'd be familiar with. Besides, that stupid girl Mona's face is only like the size of a peanut butter cap so she's a waste of my time. The museum has a wide array of paintings.. everything from Monet's Water Lillies, Degas's dancing ballerinas, and more. They offer the largest collection of impressionist painting.. and it is quite impressive. Haha…ok jokes aren't funny. I'll stop.

Then I met up with one of my gal friends, Michelle. It's just ya know, how I roll, meeting up with one of the girls at a local corner café. Okay, I wish. But really, I did get to meet up with my friend Michelle while she was in Paris. She is in the grade above me and she'll be attending UT this fall. She's renting an apartment in Paris with her mom for two weeks. Her mom is from Holland, so she's quite familiar with European territory. Michelle will be studying Communications as a jounalism major and she has extremely similar goals as me in terms of her future and career. It was really exciting to talk to someone who has a similar mindset and hopefully I'll be following in her footsteps a year from now. She also was like me in that she had absolutely no intentions of staying in state for college, but here she is now a longhorn! I hope to keep in touch with her as she experieces her first year and see how she likes it. We had a great time visiting (and chatted over drinking water and left the place with about a $13 bill, just for water people… TOTAL scam). Then she, her mom, here mom's friend and I took the metro (which is by the way pretty clean all things considered and in comparison to those NYC rat caves) to meet my mom in the left bank shopping district.

After we all visited for awhile, my mom and I went our separate ways to do some final shopping in the capital of fashion. I hadn't quite gotten my fix yet. Got a few more things to bring back with me to the states before our last night in Frenchie Land!

My mom and I decided to be adventurous and take the subway again and I totally was the one to figure it out. So HA Mrs. TxDot looks like your direction crazed genes are hereditary!

We had reservations at a restaurant called 1728 that night, and to say it was quite a treat is an understatement. The whole dining experience is quite special. First off, its set in the recovered reception rooms of the 18th century mansion where General La Fayette (c'mon my apush friends…you should know who this is!) lived. Let's just say this ain't no Houston's or Pappadeaux like a usual Houston Friday night. Heck, this ain't even no Shade or America's. So here comes the food part, just a warning for those of you who want to ignore it. [The picture is of the Lafayette Room where we ate]

My dad started off with a gazpacho with lobster (he be lovin' up his gazpacho and this did not disppoint).
Oh and we all got to start off with this trip layered shot glass of an avocado spread, pesto spread, and one other that was different but quite delish! (pictured below)
My mom started with the pattee which she be lovin'. MB not lovin' so much, but to each his own!
My dad and I both ordered the rack of lamb which was served with a wonderful orange jelly and perso sauce and beautfully presented next to a vegetable medley.
My mom had the scallops.
My dad had a porte wine with the restaurant's special cheese selection to top his meal off while my mom and I shared the Dark Chocolate Torte. The last thing I needed was ANOTHER dessert (I STILL don't understand how these Frenchies all are so ano skinny…), but when in Europe right?

It was a fun experience that will not be soon forgotten. The waiter was totes loving having a seventeen year old in there. My instincts were telling me not too many of those go in and out of 1728. It was a great way to end a wonderful stay in Paris.

I wish I could write more, but I'm wiped from a long day of Austrian site seeing. So in the words of Heidi Klum, Auf Wiedersehen for now!



Caroline said...

MOLLS!!!!!! oh my goodness you're blog is ABSOLUTELY incredible!! Your descriptive detail amazes me and makes me feel as if I am in Europe myself!! It sounds like you are having tons of fun! Can't wait to hear more about it! Keep posting! love you! xoxo

Lana said...

Bring me back some food, you.