Embrace the Seasons


Summer is flying on by, so make sure you're getting good usage out of all the reasons to embrace the sunshine and summertime like shades, sunhats, and the sand in your shoes.

And never fear, I still plan on providing you with more detailed rundowns on my European excursions. I just seem to be too occupied playing with Cokesie and Elsie, so you'll have to be reminded that patience, my dears, is a virtue. MB is putting the bloggin' on hold while she's on holiday. But here's a snippet of what I've been up to to tide you over until the next post...




Makenna said...

okay I NEED MY PICTURE FILL that one picture is really cute and all but I need to see all your cute arsty pictures pronto.

I miss you!!! ughhh COME HOME! I wish I was there.. bahhhhhhlgdkhsglshgs