Foreign Affairs


You don't really realize how accustomed you've become to your lifestyle until you travel abroad. They say that if you're a southern Texas girl like me, going up north is a big wise and people's personalities too, not to mention the absence of the best word ever invented: y'all. So without stating the obvious like the language burden, currency change, and wiener schnitzel in place of queso, here is a selection of 10 notes I've taken of things that are completely foreign to me.

one) check please!
It takes the waiters an eon to give you the check. They don't like to be breathing down your throats trying to turn your table over (which is nice), but also annoying at times when all you wanna do is leave and be on your merry way.

two) $how me the money
Another dining out observation: they swipe your credit card right in front of you with these zippy little machines.

three) get a room, you bimbos (from hell.. on wheels)
If you're an advocate for Anti-PDA, don't come here. People are def more lovey dovey over here.

four) so euro chic
If I see anybody sporting a tshirt, I can pretty much guarantee they are an American tourist. I like the style here.. it's casual and relaxed yet put together all at the same time. Much more sophistacted. There's no such thing as grunge appeal over here. I dig. Makes me feel more at home than sometimes in the halls of high school.

five) they all scream for eis cream
I swear they discovered ice cream yesterday. Here it's called Eis and it's on every corner. There is a designated "Eis Carte" (menu) in almost every restaurant with all sorts of sundae concoctions. Even Eis Spaghetti & Lasagna. Snasty. [see photo at top of MB enjoying one of me and coco's favorites--eiscafé.]

six) street art
Graffiti is commonplace and it's such a shame to ruin the charm of all these beauty cities. Below is actually purposefully-placed graffiti in Graz on their little nuglet manmade beach they created on the shore of the Mur river that runs through the middle of the city.

seven) pee fee
Need to use the water closet? That'll be a euro, please.

eight) nuglet vehicles
Less Hummers, more Smart Cars.

nine) h20
No ice in my drinks and you must specifically request "leitungswasser" if you don't wan't to cough up 4 euros for still water.

ten) thin is in
People are generally thinner over here. I mean, exhibit A would be our fitness centers in the US with freaking escalators…




Carolyn said...

totes cute. very good list. bimbos from hell on wheels. that they are. miss you already. elsie does know that.