Package Deal: Two for One


You know I love a good bargain. This deal has nothing to do with shopping--shocking, right? Tomorrow, as you well know, is Independence Day here in the States. July 4th reminds me of sunshine-filled afternoons at Lake McQueeney when I was younger, the smell of barbecues, parades, American flags waving, and finishing the night with spectacular fireworks displays. But in high school July 4th has become more than celebrating America; it's become a celebration for a very special American citizen: Sterett Frank. Sterett will enter the land of R-rated movies and a brand new driver's license tomorrow (how thrilling it is to be seventeen...). So the day's plans are up to her and here's what we have in store.

If the weather cooperates, a little day trip down to The Woodlands is in our itinerary. Then we'll (we being Makenna, Sterett, Tess and I) grab some dinner and head to Lakeside to watch the fireworks. Then probably an old fashioned slumbie with the girls which will probably consist of way too much of two things we do best: eating and talking. Nothing fancy or outrageous because I already threw a little surprise bash for Sterett on the last day of school at a Mexican restaurant which turned out to be a total hit.

[sterett's surprise party]
Now I hate to brag about how amazing my friends are, but shucks, I'm gonna do it anyway. Everyone deserves a little birthday love, so here's a little bday girl shout out to ya, Ster...bloggin' style. Sterett is a wonderful friend, great listener, extremely honest, and quite the cross country runner. I admire her especially for that last detail for I'd rather do a lot of things before waking up at 4 (which is when I usually call it a night by the way) and running 6 or so miles. Yeah, I'll pass. So props, Ster. She has an amazing heart, is devoted to her faith, and knows how to make me laugh. Thanks for everything, Sterett! I'm looking forward to a great birthday celebration and lots of memories during our last year of high school together (FINALLY!).

So here's to you, Sterett Frank and the US. Happy Birthday.



Sterett Frank said...

Hey Molls,
it's me Ster and I just want to say that I am very honored to be mentioned on such an admirable creation. I love you more than words can describe and you make me so happy all the time. I'm going to miss you so much as you head off to Europe because I really cherish all of your advice, whether it's on boys or fashion. Keep up the creativity and never stop being yourself because you are extremely blessed and you have many jealous followers. Me being one of them.
Love you bestie! Keep it real.