Cooking & College


I just woke up. It's 2:15 pm here, and considering the fact that I would normally be in 7th period at this point during the school year, I may need to start getting back into the swing of things. But knowing myself, I'll continue turning the lights out at 4am and sleeping as late as possible.

I actually have a legitimate explanation for my abnormal sleeping schedule last night. Makenna and I spent six hours working on our college applications. I bounced back and forth between ApplyTexas and the Common App. I swear if I have to type up my mom's graduation year, my senior year courseload, or a description of my duties on Student Council, I may throw this computer out of my window.

And just when I thought I'd nailed all my essays, all the "Supplement Applications" surprise you with cute [insert sarcastic tone] little questions like "Explain your values, goals and interests in less than 180 words." Well, gee, thank you for being so SPECIFIC!

I will say that Makenna and I got plenty of laughs from a combination of all those redundant questions that the admissions board is highly unlikely to read in the first place, our silly nature in general, and our deliriousness from being up until 3 the night before from our cooking extravaganza.

I guess you could say we've been ambitious lately. After searching through the McConn family favorite cook book America's Test Kitchen, we landed upon some recipes we wanted to cook for ourselves that evening. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.

We prepared breaded chicken breasts, caprese salad, oven-baked mac'n'cheese, and s'mores. Simple, right? Um, NOT so much. Over 3 hours and 45 dirty dishes later, we were finally able to sit down to our meal. We all concurred, however, that the hard work was rewarded in the end. Tess, Makenna, and I were quite satisfied with our homemade meal, and felt rather accomplished I might add.
[image courtesy of Life in Graz]
I will stop to say thank you to my mom (and all other moms that put dinner on the table nightly) because it's freakin' hard, stressful, and my back kinda hurt after (not even kidding).

We made a pact to do this on a monthly basis with several hopes in mind. One of which is to prepare ourselves for the college life-on-your-own lifestyle. We're thinking that some homestyle cookin' instead of a run to the local drive-in will prevent us from encountering the dreaded freshmen fifteen. I'll have none of that thank you very much.

So, that's how I spent my weekend. Hope yours was just as exciting minus all the dirty dishes and plus a few hours of sleep.



Lana B said...

I bet you Danika's life that we can't go through one day from this moment on without hearing the word "college"