Look At Me Now


I'm surprised at myself that I have yet to mention LOOKBOOK.nu anywhere on my blog. If you click on the link, you'll get the gist: guest posters plastering their outfits all over the place for those that care.

Now that that problem's solved, allow me to introduce their newest member:

Many a fashion blogger have zero hesitations when it comes to uploading photo after photo of themselves in their daily apparel. I, however, don't have nearly the time, energy, or ability to do so without feeling a bit on the "look at my outfits, don't I rock really hard?" side.

So, I think I'll leave that side of me for lookbook. That's what it's there for, right? It's an invitation only site--and lucky for me Anna Wintour was able to grant me access into what's basically considered the VIP scene for undiscovered fashion icons. Okay, I lie. Bottom line is I was able to squeeze my seventeen-year-old cheerleader self on there somehow crammed in between model after model after really artistic European crazy-good photographers.
Nothing wrong with standing out, right?

Allow me to give you a little tutorial on how this works so that 1) my blog has a somewhat educational purpose and 2) you know how to make me look super popular in the LB world.

Visit it every hour on the hour.

LOOKBOOK's button = Facebook's button...a way to share your inspiration or admiration for a look for you lazy folks too lazy to comment (and yes, I'm talking to all of you bimbos who read my blog and have never once left a comment! Don't think I don't know who you are. And for the record, you totally don't need a blog or anything to leave a comment.)

Once you've clicked on the look, a whole new world of possibilities comes to life...

Scroll over the look if you're the copycat type and want to buy something yourself.

Scroll to the very very bottom to post a comment. You must connect through one of the following mediums:

And if you have a blog of your own or a facebook (if you have a facebook, ha!) you can spread the inspiration to others in the bottom right hand corner hotlink box.

That'll be all for tonight as I must get my beauty rest for an eventful day tomorrow.
On the agenda: community service hours with Lana, cheerleading practice in the blistering sun, and Alexandra's roller rink 70s birthday party. Happy Birthday, Biggs! Love you.

mb (i left out the "xo." on purpose. it's annoying and overused and i probably wouldn't hug and/or kiss all of you. so that's that.)


Carolyn said...

Oh my ga...this takes it to a whole new level. Color swatches? Like in HGTV? haha. way to call out those blog stalkers. Art would have a heartattack that you posted your full name on there. encrypt yo' life!

Anonymous said...

I have some wonderful wisdom..