It's Only Tuesday?


It feels as if I've been in school for two months rather than two days. Despite some initial mishaps with my schedule at the start, everything is solved and I am satisfied with the way things turned out on the whole.

1st Period: Economics AP -Mr. Daileda
>>Does he or does he not convey the classic out-of-a-movie high school history teacher?
This guy seems to know his stuff. And don't quote me on this, but this class seems somewhat interesting so far. It's refreshing after a long year of US Presidents, the Civil War, and that awful American Pageant textbook. (Have fun with that, Tay!) Lots of friends in this class like Caroline, Katie, Connie, Demi, Brad and Wayne. Should be a good way to kick start the day.

2nd Period: Theatre Tech
Yes, you read that correctly. I am enrolled in theatre tech. After a conflict with my Electronic Media class (that I was really excited about..) I ended up here. Luckily I'm with my friends Tess, Morgan, and Mackenzie so we'll stick it out together.

3rd Period: Yearbook
Same time as last year. I'm with Lana! Thank goodness. At first I was disappointed to see all of my friends from last year's staff (other than Lana) in the other class, but I'm trying to look at it in a positive light with getting to know the other staff members.

4th Period: AP Environmental Science
Could be a toughy. In fact, I'll say this will be a toughy. Science just never fails to be challenging. But the teacher seems to be passionate about her subject, which is a nice change from my situation last year...

5th Period: AP English Literature & Composition
I'll be honest. When it comes to English, I am without a doubt a writer and not a reader. But instead of having a total panic attack (okay, I already did that the first day..) I'm going to see it as a challenge and hopefully by the end of the year be able to say that I am more of a writer but somewhat of a reader as well. Hopefully.

B Lunch! That'll be my 3rd year to be in the late lunch. I have lots of friends in there and the majority of the senior class is in there. Another perk is only having one class period after lunch before I head to cheerleading practice.

That last class is..
6th Period: Calculus AB AP
I can already tell that my teacher, Mr. Harter, will measure up to my other math teachers so far. Every year, I have had outstanding teachers including my all-time favorite teacher--Mrs. Smith from last year's pre-cal course.

Yes, it's a lot. And with war week underway, cheer has been a big priority as well. More on that later...I've got Econ in 9 hours. Off to bed.


Lana B said...

Well this is strange.

And so typical.

Cathy McConn said...

yes, that guy is totally the iconic teacher. a little rumpled and glasses. your last year of all day classes! think about that for a happy thought.

Caroline Hickey said...

love the blurb about gregg!! can't believe this was written on school day # 2 and now we're on school day a million! so many wonderful times in econ together!! xoxo