Light For La Ces Almost College


If you're music library has been anything like mine lately, it's been dry. And in my book, listening to a song for the 154th time is just about the cruelest form of punishment. Tonight, I fixed that problem and am here to assist any of you in the same rut.

Light At the End of the Tunnel ::: The Bloodsugars
Dirty Talk / Club Can't Handle Me Remix ::: Metamorphosis
Bring Night ::: Sia
Feeling a Moment ::: Feeder
For Blue Skies ::: Strays Don't Sleep (a Lana favorite)
Street Map ::: Athlete
The Good Kind ::: The Wreckers
Old Man Chicago ::: Alberta Cross
Roadway Hymn ::: La Rocca
La La La ::: Auburn Fr. Iyaz
She Said ::: Stephen Jerzak feat. Leighton Meester
You Lost Me ::: Christina Aguilera
Feel This ::: Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
Jar of Hearts ::: Christina Perri
Letting Go ::: Sean Kingston feat. Nicki Minaj (Nicki is poppin' up like ALL over the place)
Massive Attack ::: Nicki Minaj (see!) feat. Sean Garrett
Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher ::: Eileen
Right Above It ::: Lil Wayne feat. Drake
Valentino ::: Diane Birch
Oh, Death! ::: Pearl and the Beard
Twenty-Two & Amost Everything ::: Wakey!Wakey!
I Hate College (Remix) ::: Samuel Adams
No One's Gonna Love You ::: Band of Horses
No Intention ::: Dirty Projectors
The Ghost Inside ::: Broken Bells
Little Lion Man ::: Mumford & Sons

And for your listening convenience, here is every single track for you to decide whether it belongs in your music library or not.

The other day Lana told me that all her good music comes from me and I took that as a very big compliment. All it takes is a little time and some searching. Kinda like shopping! I did some of that today also. More on that later...


Lana B said...

Thanks, gurl. You know I mean that.


Love you.

Juj said...

Just bought like every one of those...Love you and our shared music tastes!