Living a Teenage Dream



If the start of my Friday was any indication of what my weekend would entail, it wasn't going to be pretty.

I woke up at 6:18am for a 6:30 practice at the school. By some miracle, I made it on time sans make-up, contacts, and any sort of alertness. Next I realize I forgot my makeup and toiletries to get ready for school. So by the time mom brought them to me (thanks mom!) I had a total of 9 minutes to get ready and get to econ on time. Awesome. And then the music for the hallways wasn't working. And just when it does, some of the music wasn't edited and we get death threats about our privilege to play music in the halls. Again..awesome. So, I go to Environmental Science only to find that I am without the first lab write-up I have to turn in. Just what the pep rally captain needed on her first pep rally day!

Things went up from there. Well, I guess there wasn't much room to go down.

Rather than explaining the fun that followed the what started to be a fail of a Friday.. i'll let the pictures explain themselves.

The squad in our camp attire for our game against our rivalry--Stratford High School. Don't worry...the victory to the war was easily ours with a 34-7 win. Sup Stratford.

My cheer partner--Brent

It's a tradition for the sophomore boys that make varsity football to entertain the student body with a little performance. And embarrass themselves completely. They performed a dance to Justin Beiber's "Baby." It was quite a hit. That is, for the audience and the boys. Wanna see more? Here's a video of the whole performance.

We got nothing but good reviews for our first pep rally. Let's hope we can keep the spirit up all year long. And as it should be, the seniors took home the spirit stick.

For the sophomore dance, I was paired with Lana's brother Ryan. So here we are..besties and brothers!

At the cheer tailgate before the game with Cecilia and Ana.

Here's how we get the job done. Touchdown by our talented quarterback Wayne Taylor.

This little stunt is called the zipper. The girls runs into the boys arms and they launch you over into a back flip while shouting your name. Cute hair, right?

A coach at our school has a daughter named Maddie who loves cheerleading. After the game came to a halt after a power outage (crazy but kinda exciting!), we got to invite her to perform with us and she loved every second of it. I think I would have passed out of happiness if I got to cheer with Memorial Varsity cheerleaders at her age.

Rewind to a week before school started. A bunch of the senior girls went to an open parking lot to paint our cars in honor of our seniority.

And last night, my friends Emily and Hayley had a foam slip-n-slide birthday party. It was a total success. In essence, it's a really huge bubble bath for everyone to dive in.

Here's Hannah, Josephine, me, Liz, and Julianne soaking up in the foam.

No pep rally this week, which is both good and bad. Time to focus on that thing called school. And the best news of the week is that CAROLYN IS COMING HOME IN DECEMBER! Yay für the mich! [photo credits to Makenna Van Liew, Connie Gilbert, Jaclyn Worbets, and Mrs. Lange]


Lana B said...

So many things to say about this.

1. The pep rally WAS that great. It was fun, entertaining and got everyone excited about beating Stratford.

2. Sophomore boys performance was hilarious and the dance was adorable.

3. The picture of you and the 2 Baumgartners. Bahahahaha. So great for so many reasons.

4. Have a good week! You earned the rest and relaxation, my dear.

5. You are stunning in many ways and I love you, best bud

Makenna said...

I loved Lana's comment.


Anonymous said...

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