Quite the "Phenomenon"


'Member this? Well, it's been a year now and times have changed. For one, we've upgraded to the V-Squad. And my blog posts are so much more beautimous.

Now a bit of wise words: going into things with high expectations is always such a fail. And for this reason I am glad that I came into cheer camp with a bitter cynical mindset. To my sweet surprise, I am looking back at this week with fond memories. I guess the third time really is a charm.

So, let me break it down. And on that note, we "broke it down" quite a bit at UCA cheer camp. I swear they could cut a day out of this camp if they'd forego the 5 minute dance breaks every 15 minutes. But every cheerleader has that part inside of them that can't help but get down. The only downfall is the constant radio in your head blasting Bieber's "Baby" and Far East Movement's "Like a G6."

To say the least, the 20 of us (plus two all star mascots) have been working our little butts off to be prepped for camp. With the help of our coach we had two-a-days (that's right football boys, you're not the only ones slavin' away) the week before to work on stunting.

So here I was embarking on round three of camp. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into--for better or for worse--and all I thought about as I packed was the dripping sweat, subpar meals, and constant go-go-go routine. The laughter, late night chats, and mocking all the other teams seemed to slip my mind. I forgot how horribly wonderful cheer camp can be.

Things to Cheer About:
  • Stealing JV's puppy chow
  • Shannon's Tendencies (ahem, if you know what I mean)
  • Hanging out with my sistas Rachel & Laurie LaLa
  • Being called Molly Yaya constantly by Laurie LaLa
  • Getting the royal honor of an All-American cheerleader with Rach, Liz, and Shans. LONDON 2010 LADIES!
  • The shrinking chip "phenomenon"
  • Tay bustin' a rhyme
  • Shannon and I reminiscing the the dark ages of our Discover Gymnastics days
  • The boys' dance after the jump off. I have even higher hopes for our pep rallies now.
  • The many late night talks
  • Caro's booty shaking that only Lexi & I were fortunate enough to witness
  • Remembering how much I adore Meg Carrigan
  • Laughing to the point of tears daily
  • Meeting a girl named Cookie
  • 1st place in extreme routine and cheer for co-ed plus the leadership award--we're still searching for the "just kidding" written on the back of that last one
Things to Sneer About:
  • The Senior Social...Seniority is still alive and well where I come from
  • The constant bickering about our squad from other teams. I'm sorry our outfits were cuter than yours.
  • My co-cap Aubs getting injured
  • How depressing it was that the measly ab workout was actually a bit of a struggle
  • The most superficial gift giving at the crack of dawn every morning. Nobody I know chows down on Ring Pops at 8AM.
  • The garters, diamond rings, and really bad highlights
  • The fact that I was unaware College Station has climate similar to the Sahara Desert
  • Softest water ever

Dog pilin' it together on the first night
Piggy Backs (Me & Caroline, Liz & Josephine)
Walking to the A&M Rec.. making sure we document EVERY second
Heaven forbid we take naps by ourselves
Note the baby hot pink mustang on back
Love you, Lex!
JV Co Captains from this year and last. Describes us to a tee.
"That was ... good" -Rachel Moody
Aubs pulling her lib
Rock with the red
& Roll with the White
This one's for you Grandpa Jo!
Club UCA
All American Cheerleaders.. DANA IS SO PROUD
Cheer partners in crime for 3 years strong.
Varsity Cheer 2011. SO excited for this year!
Captains (from left to right): Game Day Captains Shannon Hoyt & Barrett Von Blon, Head Captains Aubrey Kirkpatrick & Travis Clayton, Pep Rally Captains Me & Del Mixon

Kelly Taylor and Taylor Maloney are two of my best friends who I would never have gotten as close to if it weren't for cheerleading and I owe it especially to cheer camp. I'm convinced that the primary purpose of our presence there is for team bonding. Yes, cheesy, but so important nonetheless. Believe me, MHS couldn't care less (unintentional rhyming although all the cheers are rubbing off..!) about the extreme routine. So I hope that this year has the same in store. Something tells me I will be seeing a whole lot of these people the next 9 months so shoot it's a good thing I love every one of them. Go mustangs!