Thursday Thoughts


Rihanna's new single (as mainstream as it is...we're talking number one on iTunes mainstream) is really pretty good. Something about it makes you wanna conquer the world when you listen to it.

MTV's "Made" was at our school today filming. Naturally, they chose the Western pep rally day to only further enhance all non-Texans false notions that we ride horses to school and wear boots every day. And don't you worry, I saw the camera man in the hallway filming the girl being featured and casually walked behind her...twice.

Monday's Gossip Girl was fantastic. Just as you told me, J! If I had Parisian royalty inviting me to balls, I would totally rock Blair's red gown. New York Magazine does a feature on each Gossip Girl episode called "Reality Index." There's always a few that make me laugh by myself in my room as I stare at the computer screen. Try and resist doing the same:

Blair: “Except Humphrey’s a doughnut.” We bet Dan would have appreciated that. Plus only 1, though, because everybody knows he’s a waffle.
Vanessa is good with babies because she lived on a commune. Plus 2, because we were absolutely unprepared to believe it was her natural warmth.
At the morgue, Serena looks at the outside of a snakeskin wallet, a closed passport, and a generic BlackBerry, and says, “That’s his!” God. Plus 2 because that is so her, but Minus 2 for the police being so ridiculously stupid.
Of course, Nate is not at all suspicious about why this crazy pretty lady has decided to enter, study, and take charge of his life. Plus 3.
And a personal favorite of mine: Dan's lullaby to Milo that was nicely finished with "she wears leggings" [referring to lil sis Jenny]

Is it sad that I bought a few songs off of Selena Gomez' new album?

I love getting mail! And my sister surprised me with a little package enclosed with a darling coral BCBG skirt. She decided after she bought it that it was more fitting for a 17-year-old. Lucky for her, she's got a sister who will happily take never-been-worn super cute hand-me-downs. Another perk of having three sisters and a super stylish mom.

The other night the headitors (our shortened term for Head Editors in yearbook, heaven forbid we have to pronounce four whole syllables) went to dinner with Ms. Hartman. She took us to Chatters--a cute mediterranean fusion restaurant. After, we went to what looked like sketchy factoryville. Turns out, it was where they store art. They had 43 huge statues of all the president's heads that are going to be put in a park eventually among other structures. While cool, it was remotely creepy having all those heads staring at you. Makenna definitely concurred when I took her there after dark.
[The Headitors: Claire, me, Lana, and Dani]

I have a big weekend ahead of me. A short trip to Austin and a glow in the dark birthday, so until then happy weekend!


Lana B said...

That Wednesday was so great.

Julianne said...

Laughed at the reality index. Again. Hahahaha