If I Got Lonely, I Could Talk to the Trees


ModCloth @ NYFW from ModCloth on Vimeo.

Much to my dismay, I couldn't quite manage booking a flight to NY for their Fashion Week. That thing called school is always so inconveniently scheduled. Luckily, I had a couple of alternate means of experiencing the madness of this week one of which being through this video. It was posted on ModCloth's blog. ModCloth is an online vintage store along with being my first place to turn for outerwear.

There's a few things that struck me about this.
First of all, it's vertical. Very striking and appropriate for anything fashion-related to show full-body outfit shots.
Secondly, the song. As the ending credit says, the song is "Se Ty M'ami" by Lacrymosa.
The sporadic nature of the filming depicts the chaos of New York's Fashion Week (not that I know from personal experience, but I presume…)

But, forget the details. It just made me smile at the simple things that can be incorporated into everyday life: a sweet melody, the endearing face of a restless puppy, the charm of a bright red wall, a vase of freshly picked pure white flowers, masses of people admiring the arts, and big-city-noise.

The world is at your feet. So in honor of Columbus Day weekend, I say go! Go explore. Explore your closet, your attic, your backyard, your downtown. Heck, explore the Internet. And have a fabulous three day weekend.


Lana B said...

1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at the last paragraph of my post and compare it with the last paragraph of your post. We did it again, Molly. And it's kind of creepy at this point.

2. I really liked the video! I think I saw it in a totally different way than you did which is interesting because that never happens.
I felt like it acknowledged NY's chaos, or rather the chaos of Fashion Week, and then tried to point out the things that make NY and Fashion Week slow and sweet and artistic and a thing of passion for those who love fashion (oh God, that rhymed. Lame). As if the video is saying, "on the surface, this is materialistic and simply about beauty, but look at the things that make it personal and also, know that fashion is deeper than materialism and vanity, it's a form of expression for those who create it and those who wear it as a piece of themselves." But, maybe that's just me, I don't know!