It's the Magical Mystery Kind


[Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, image via Google Images]

Austin City Limits was this weekend. I had quite a few friends head to ATX for this festival known for bringing out huge names like The Eagles, Vampire Weekend, Muse, and Norah Jones. Better than that, though, is its knack for uncovering unknown bands and turning them into overnight sensations. Cheerleading duties called last night, but I was able to make my own mini-sized version of ACL by going to the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros concert in lieu of the usual field house Whata after game routine.

If you've read Lana's blog, she mentions their hit song "Home" I'd say in 3 out of 5 of her posts. And it's quite worthy of it. The duets of the lead male and female are out of this world. I first discovered ES&TMZ on none other than Gossip Girl (new episode tonight, 4th season is fantastic so far!). Now, boys, even though you'd like to think us girls don't know about your secret obsessions with shows like Gossip Girl, The OC, and yes, even Glee, we're well aware. But, in case you're too scared to admit it, "Home" has also been featured on a recent NFL Commercial. Clearly, it's a versatile song with lyrics appealing to a mass audience. If you haven't seen either, check them both out right here.

And watch here at 1:34 to see how yet again I thank Gossip Girl for another brilliant artist added to my iTunes library.

Brooke--a passionate Edward Sharpe fan
Mackenzie, my precious friend who I believe became a passionate fan that night!
And Kirby, a future Communications-bound Longhorn and big time BOD reader
The girls rockin' out with their tambourines featuring the band's logo.
The album cover obsession continues with this one. The performance was spectacular. Judging from Edward's performance, I wouldn't be surprised if he downed multiple 5-Hour Energys before the show. Tonight they performed at ACL, but I'm glad we got the VIP private performance, although Julianne said her experience was incredible. Guess I'll have to see for myself in years to come!
Love you all; here's to another successful weekend of senior year!

And I'd like to dedicate this post and the song "Home" to a beloved fan Natalie McAninch. Love, Naomi


Juj said...

While ACL was rockin, this post made me sad I missed Edward Sharpe!!

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