What You Want, Want, Want


I don't have near enough time, energy, or creative juices flowing to make any sort of elaborate post full of photographs and witty remarks. So, instead of dedicating this post to a list of random ramblings, fashion trends, or my weekend whereabouts, this post is about none other than an umbrella. I tend to steal ideas from Gossip Girl in an effort to make my own life slightly more glamorous. And since I can't always purchase Blair's Balenciaga gowns and I can't my make my hair sparkle every time it hits the light like Serena, I've resorted to copying the girls' rain gear. I want B's clear umbrella. Call me crazy. Call me random. You've been requesting a post, so here you have it. May your Tuesday be more relaxing than mine.


Julianne said...

I enjoy the sass of this post. And the umbrella=perfect match for the hunters.