Chips & Salsa & Salsa


After our first playoff game, some friends and I were in search of a fun Saturday night activity--something out of the norm. And I think our efforts were successful after we (well, it was Marshall actually) landed upon the idea of salsa dancing! Turns out the Taco Milagro in River Oaks hosts a free salsa dancing night every Saturday starting at nine.

So, we (me, Julianne, Travis, Tyler, Marshall, and Del) put on our dancing attire and headed to the restaurant. Although we may not have had perfect rhythm or "Dancing With The Stars"-esque skill, we had the time of our lives inventing our own steps. We ended up enjoying ourselves so much that we came back for round two the following weekend.

The whole gang. Travis, Julianne, Marshall, me, Tyler, and Del postin' it up on the bottom row

We're incapable of taking very many serious pictures.


This photo captures the night perfectly.

"I whip my hair back and forth!"

Marshall workin' up a sweat as he tears up the dance floor. Really though, he was actually pretty good.


Did I mention we met some friends? Must have left out that minor detail. We befriended these two women, Ashanti and Courtney, and had a priceless conversation with them. They taught us their motto: "1, 2, 3, HATTTAAZZ!" and gave us extremely worthwhile life advice. It was so rich. We even invited them to our next playoff game. AND THEY CAME THE NEXT WEEKEND. No joke, there they were in the MHS football stands at our game all the way in Katy. It may have been the highlight of my senior year. Look! I even have proof.


Anyway, our night (well, Julianne and I's anyway) didn't end here. We were starved, so we headed to the only place in town that could satisfy our midnight munchies at this hour--Mamma's Cafe. Liz and Natalie met us there and we ended our night with a little Austin Powers viewing and a good old fashioned slumber party. To say that I was a little sleepy that Sunday would be an understatement...


It's finally December in half an hour! I can't wait for the stockings to be hung, help my mom adorn the tree with ornaments, and make a Christmas list that will be on the blog before you know it! My mom has already made her famous Christmas candy cracker recipe, and I think they're calling my name, so good evening 'til tomorrow!

Sista Carolyn is Comin' To Town!



To my precious followers--sorry for my extended absence (especially you, Molls!) No, I'm not talking to myself here. I'm referring to an avid BOD reader and wonderful friend Mollie who notified me tonight of her frustration with seeing that dang "salsa and superhero" post every time she came to my blog. She was right! I had abandoned you all, and I apologize!

Clearly, though, I've been preoccupied. So much to the point that I've barely had time to think about the fact that my sister is traveling thousands of miles to come home for Christmas this Thursday! I'm especially perked that she'll get to come to one of my pep rallies (Jingle All the Way to State this Friday!) and the football game Saturday. Oh yeah, did I mention that we're in the fourth round of playoffs? And that it's the farthest we've been since 1979? And that it's probably all thanks to the cheerleaders? (Haha, joke, the football parents would kill me if they read this.) And that we get to play at the Dallas Cowboys stadium at State if we win two more? Okay, okay, I tend to get ahead of myself but the football fever is contagious throughout the halls and it's so exciting! Once again, senior year proves to be the best year yet.



So, sis, I cannot wait to see you. I can't wait for our many late night bedtime chats (there is WAY too much to catch you up on), sisterly dinners with Ames and Ery, shopping trips, to catch you up on well over a year without Mexican food, and all the laughs you'll bring to this household just like you used to. You are very missed by many. Love ya and safe travels :)

Just Words


You know how little kids play secretary by picking up the phone and talking to the buzzer at the other end of the line? Or when toddlers ask for a pretend cash register to play cashier? Those were the days when dreaming big was still something worthwhile. It was still something left untouched by the looming shadow of doubt, grades, worry, or fear. Now while becoming a local cashier or even a secretary might not be dreaming big, “Elle” magazine’s fashion editor is. I've managed to create my own hobby that allows me to explore my abilities for my future career goals—my blog. I may not have purchased it at Toys R Us, but it certainly gives me the same joy a five-year-old gets playing with that new toy every time I work on my blog.

My blog used to be private--hence the name Bridget's Own Diary. Word spread, however, and suddenly everything from my daily reflections to my most recently purchased song on iTunes was made available to the entire student body. Next thing I know, it’s featured in the school newspaper and the link is on my friends’ Facebook pages. It was surreal; people were interested in what I had to say.

I sit with my laptop surrounded by my four bedroom walls writing until my eyelids become too heavy and my fingers become too numb. I envision that the bulletin board in front of me will one day become an office window overlooking Park Avenue in New York City at a fashion magazine office.

I always thought of myself as a math-oriented person. I got a thrill from solving a problem, taking something complex and simplifying it. But, in starting my blog, I found just the opposite in myself. I found a desire to create something from nothing, a desire to expand ideas, provide more depth to them, and essentially seek the complexities in life.

So while the subject of my latest post may be about something as frivolous as a successful shopping trip last weekend, it’s more than just clothes, photos and irrelevant blabbing. Though it may seem to be simply the journal of the twenty-first century, it truly is the most satisfying creative outlet for me. It’s where I become something bigger than Molly the student, cheerleader, or class president. I become Molly the writer.

Superhero, Shakespeare, & Salsa



Today in English class, I had a timed writing in English over Hamlet. The complex language was daunting, but somehow I got through it and now just have to get Dante's Inferno under my belt.

But back to Shakespeare. I experienced this playwright's work in play form Friday night when Natalie and I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream starring a few of my friends including Makenna, Lexi, Caroline, and Ethan. Natalie and I had a few obstacles to overcome before actually entering the playhouse (which included alleyways, a girls' basketball game..they won go Kirbs!, and 9 o'clock walks through the breezeway), but we made it just in time to see our favorite gals strut their stuff on stage. I can barely comprehend Hamlet nonetheless memorize it and act it on stage, so props to you ladies! Natalie and I left the play completely famished (what a shock), so we dined at Houston's right as it was closing, which Natalie informed me is a favorite amongst Houston rappers. How fitting for girls like Nat and me.

[Lexi, Makenna, me, Natalie, and Caroline]

Our first round of the playoffs resulted in victory! The final score was 34-9, but most of our fans probably won't remember that due to the distracting dancers in the opposing team's stands. Anyway, we have week two of the playoffs this Friday night at Rhodes against Alief Taylor! Go 'stangs!

[Lex, me & Jo]
[YB Clique ♥]
[to show off our Wonder Woman might, the girls put the girls in preps for red and white!]
[our pyramid from band stunts]

You probably know from posts past that I usually do something with the cheer girls post-games. Seeing that this game was in the afternoon, I had a whole night ahead of me. And, well, I used every bit of it. This evening deserves its own post, so until then, it's your girl--
signing off.

Bedtime Blogging



I say I like list making, but my blog wouldn't prove that to you, so this post will serve two-fold: make my list-making fetish more evident while also making it quick so I can rest up for my fitness test at 8:30.

So here are the 10 current thoughts on my mind:

1. Can't wait for the Super Hero Pep Rally on Friday for our first round in the playoffs. Get ready for these outfits--they may be the best yet.

2. I bought Lupe Fiasco's newest song "The Show Goes On" only hours ago and it's been on repeat all night long as I've completed my St. Jude's letters. It's addicting and real good, despite Lana's reaction too it being "too black for her whiteness." This is why I love you, Lan.

3. I have one six-weeks of high school left that actually counts. What. A. Relief.

4. My sista sheri comes home in 21 days. Can't wait :)

5. Speaking of sisters, my other sister Amy introduced me to a fabulous spot in City Centre called Flora + Muse. It embodies a similar mood to Tiny Boxwoods, but much more convenient and the best part of all--it's open 'til 2 am on weekends. Perfect substitute for the ever-so-dull Chocolate Bar for a late night coffee and pastry.

7. I sent Emily an email of my college essay--something I've been meaning to do for awhile. She quickly replied with:

Hi Molly,

Thank you so much for your note and for brightening my day. I'm very touched that you chose to write about me and your essay was thought out, extremely organized and well written. Thank you for writing about me and I wish you all the best in your college search!


No, girl, you brightened my day.

7. Gossip Girl keeps getting better. Julianne and I still enjoy reading NY Magazine's reality index. This week's top two--
Literally everyone on this show is reading Colin’s book. Minus 2, because not only do we not believe these people read, but we especially do not believe they read books that don’t have pictures on the cover.

Plus 20 for when the dean turns to Vanessa and says what we’ve been dying to say for years now: “I’m sorry, who are you?”

Now comes the real concern: Derena or Serenate? Frankly, I'm torn. Combo Package? Truth be told, it's not all that unlike you, S.

8. Last Friday, the girls of Memorial High School went mad. Mad for the males, that is. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors alike all have a formal coming up right after the holidays. And for whatever reason, a chain effect of asking started and by the time the 3 o'clock bell had rung, every date had been snagged. Naturally, I ended up with my cheer partner Brent. Can't go wrong with a cheer boy!

9. I spent last weekend with my friends Julianne, Maddie, Brooke, and Kirby in Austin and wanted to give a big congrats for our tennis team winning 2nd in State (even though you deserved 1st!) Anyway, I loved our weekend full of Bob, spilt drinks, car jams, candy theft, grocery store exploring, parking lot raves, chats and cuddles. Round II, soon? And thanks for hosting, Aly!

10. I'll be ringing in my graduation year--2011--in style. You all will most likely be watching it on TV, but I will be right in Times Square watching the ball drop live. Yes! Christmas and New Years in New York. I can't think of a better place to spend my holidays and kick off second semester. Or better friends...Lexi, Natalie, and Liz (and Caro, you're coming!!). You all know Lexi well from past posts, but I don't believe you're well acquainted with Nat and Liz. So, allow me...
& Liz

That makes it a nice round number of 10 thoughts. And that also makes it a late night of 1:45 am. Time for my slumber!

No Rain On My Parade


[image courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere]
Clouds were looming today and the grounds were wet, but this gloomy weather did not have any affect on my pleasant Wednesday. In fact, these rains have been long overdue. My Hunters (the Wellies seen above...yes, Wellies, Nat) have just been begging to be worn, and they finally got their call to duty this morning. I had a tough time deciding between a yellow or red pair, but after much thought and negotiating with Julianne, we settled on classic Memorial red. Emily may have had a small influence as well...or a big one.

After 1st period, my friend Macy (yes, Macy, you just got your very own BOD shout out) surprised me with the umbrella I was obsessing over last week. I can't thank you enough, Mace! The clear color and the bubble shape. Gosh, it's even more to die for in person. She even ordered several for herself and her mom's friends. Whoever said rainy days weren't meant for the stylish was seriously mistaken.

[My girl Macy and I in New York last April getting ready to see Corbin in In the Heights...hehe!!]

My after school agenda was hectic as usual with cheer practice, player-of-the-week jug making, CD burning, shower taking, senior picture sassiness with Meredith, Lexi, Caroline and Aubrey, and then the Strake night time pep rally. The pep rally was a total success with confetti canons, Travis's motivational speech, and a solid set of band stunts.

Last but not least, my day ended with my first real, legit college acceptance. I was checking up on my UT App status to see if CollegeBoard had finally sent in my SAT scores and low and behold was a notification that said....


Yes, the 8% rule guaranteed my acceptance, but didn't guarantee my major choice, so this is a mini milestone. 1 down, 6 to go!

To Thee Our Hearts Belong


[with my favorite JV girls Taylor and Kendall]

Tomorrow is our final pep rally for football season (unless we make it into playoffs so cross your fingers!). It's our annual night time pep rally so that we can have an extended amount of time and bring in everyone from the community. Our last district game is against the Strake Jesuit Crusaders. Seeing that Stratford is lame and moved down to the 4A-District, our new rival is Strake. While some students are hesitant to embrace this change, I don't mind it. Two of my three brothers attended Strake, so it's kind of close to home for me. Besides, at the end of the day we're usually better than both Strake and the Spartans, so it's a win-win for us...literally.

The pep rally tomorrow night is a simple, classic red-out theme. I feel as though I've posted numerous pictures of pep rallies without explaining just what takes place during these 30 minutes (and the 9 hours during the week spent practicing for them!). So, as your MHS pep rally captain, I feel it my duty to break down the basics of a high school pep rally.

Alma Mater: When the students are finally crowded into their designated area in the gym (it's divided by grade level), we kick the pep rally off by singing our Alma Mater.


Circle Flip: As the Alma Mater is coming to a close, the cheerleaders huddle in a circle alternating boy-girl-boy-girl and all the girls back flip out of the circle.

Fight Song: The cheerleaders space themselves around the gym performing our traditional routine to the Fight Song.

Band Stunts: This is the cheerleader's main priority during the week's practices. Essentially, it's to show off the band's talents, however, the cheerleaders perform to their song with a routine of stunts. From an audience member's perspective, it may look easy. The crowds "oohhhhhhhs" when someone makes a mistake is enough evidence that they usually don't appreciate the numerous hours of practice we take into choreographing and perfecting these difficult stunts.

Markettes: Our drill team is called the Markettes. They try out each week to perform at the pep rally. The chosen few perform a dance that ranges from hip-hop to a kick dance. Regardless, the Markettes never fail to impress the crowd.

Players of the Week: The coaches pick 4 senior boys to be the Players of the Week. The cheerleaders give them a water jug decorated to the theme and usually embellished with pictures of themselves. They announce the details of their upcoming game and get the crowd laughing by reading a rhyme about one of their teammates (the cheerleaders create these also..). An example from a past week is "We'll be one in a million with Tyler Killion"

[Wayne Taylor, Kelly Kuni, Cade Skeete, and Tyler Killion were the first players of the week]

Best Dressed: Awards are given out to a boy and a girl from each grade level who either went all our or were very creative in their themed dress for the day. One award is also given for the best overall.

Mascot Skit: The mascots perform a game, song, or skit with either players from the sport other than football featured, teachers, or randomly selected students.

[Mustang Max (Elaine Thomas) and Mustang Sally (Colleen Morgan) doing their thing]

Cheerleader Dance: Sometimes the cheerleaders perform a dance-type routine in addition to band stunts. This year we have performed at the Western, Rock & Roll, and Circus pep rallies.
Red & White: If time permits, four girls go up in a stunt in different sections of the gym while holding up signs that say RED/MUSTANGS and WHITE/FIGHT. The gym is split in half and they alternate screaming RED...WHITE...MUSTANGS...FIGHT. Sometimes this is taken into account when determining the winner of the spirit stick, but it's mostly based on the......

[Lexi leading the crowd in Red & White]

Battle Cry: The cheerleaders lead a chant that progresses from Freshman to Seniors and when your designated grade is called, you stand up and say "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that's the (grade level) BATTLE CRY!" The loudest, most-spirited grade level is awarded with the spirit stick for that week. The freshman usually win. Ha...I mean the freshman are usually silenced by the rest of the student body booing them. They complain, but that's high school. You'll be booing in a short 9 months little fishies. The seniors have taken the spirit stick every week this year. We promise the principals pick, not us!


Usually, there is some added in extra whether it be Mr. Markette (when the football players imitate the Markettes moves), a special performer (like most recently with magician Carter Blackburn for Circus), or a performance by the Color Guard.

Here's a look at the two most recent pep rallies: rock & roll and the circus-themed Homecoming pep rally.




While the practices leading up to pep rallies are stressful, the thrill of performing in front of the whole school makes it all worth it. I've watched three squads come before me and always waited for the day that I'd get to do that circle flip or the fight song routine. And now it's come and gone! So here's to a victory at the Strake game this weekend so we can have an extended pep rally season and more time with my 2nd family--the cheer squad.

Go Mustangs!
And to all my cheer girls--MFND. Shout out to Hoss III our boy.

Make It Work



Making the seasonal closet transition is bittersweet. The bitter part being the hassle of having to lug your scarves, sweater dresses, and patterned tights from the guest closet into your everyday wardrobe. Then there's the other half of the battle: removing all the sandals, shades of white, and sleeveless tops. And Houston doesn't make the timing of this process easy with its constantly fluctuating weather conditions. It was nearly 90 degrees outside today and it's November, people. There's just something paradoxical about the glittery red holiday bows adorning the store tops in Highland Village and the window shoppers clothed in denim cutoffs and gladiator sandals, isn't there?

And it's just that confusion that brings me to the topic of fashion shows. Just two weeks ago I attended my very first featuring all of the upcoming styles for Spring 2011. I have barely figured out what boots I will be wearing in December, much less what cover up I will be wearing in Mexico over spring break. Aside from that small detail, the show was a total success. It was Houston's first annual Fashion Houston--a four day event featuring designers like Christian Siriano, Elaine Turner, Lauren Bush, Chloe Dao, Marc Bouwer, and even the online store Net-a-Porter. My friends Julianne and Makenna joined me for the opening night festivities.

The night started out under a huge tent featuring retailers, a Laura Mercier make-up counter, and a photo both we had fun with (as seen above).


After exploring the booths on the red carpet, we made our way into the Wortham Center for the three shows. Here's a brief on the three designers we saw.

Cesar Galindo- A native Houstonian who got his start on 7th street in the 1980s and eventually worked his way up to designing his own label that sells to major retailers like Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale's.

Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010
This look has the necklace draping the model's back. Every model's hair was styled this way. Bump-It much, Cesar? I think so!
Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010 Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010
The sleeves on the dress caught my eye as well as the trouser on the right. His designs are more for adults, so I wouldn't say I'd put him on my list of top five faves, but his designs are still quite impressive.

Lyn Devon- Her style reflects her passion for modernizing iconic American design with style idols like the classic Audrey Hepburn. She is a born and raised New Yorker and studied at Parsons; she worked with Ralph Lauren before doing her own thing.

The neon color palette trend continues.

This epitomized the Audrey Hepburn iconic look I spoke of earlier.

Lyn Devon | Audi Fashion Houston 2010Her spring line consisted of mostly monochromatic pieces with touches of vibrant color as seen in the yellow number above.

Christian Siriano- Christian is Project Runway's 4th season winner. Since then, he makes yearly appearances to NY's Fashion Week and has an ever-growing list of celebrity clients including Lady GaGa, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham.

Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston
The red snake skin skirt seen above made me a tad bit less fearless to don the similar one I purchased in Vienna this summer. Leather shorts are flooding the stores for the winter to be paired with patterned tights or to add edge to a lacy look. Christian carries this trend into spring with this beautiful camel colored loose-fitted pair.

Here's Christian with three of his models.

Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion HoustonChristian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston
As I've mentioned more than once, I love crisp white blouses, so the look on the left really struch a chord with me. I love what Christian did with neutrals and camel colored leather. The leather jacket over the maxi dress was one of my favorite looks of the night. His ability to pair brown on brown on brown successfully is a talent that makes Siriano a force to be reckoned with.

His line was definitely the grande finale of the night receiving an overwhelming applause from the audience so much so that Siriano came out and took a bow afterwards.
His stunning finale gown that had all the jaws dropping in the audience. Don't know where the everyday American would wear this, but if I got an invite to the Oscars next January I would definitely be in contact with Siriano for this gown.

The three designers proved their talent while all offering something different to the table. We saw everything from classic and elegant to modern and edgy designs within the 2 hours worth of shows.

With Season 2 Project Runway Winner Chloe Dao. A Houston native and owner of Rice Village boutique Lot 8.


On a typical Monday night (like tonight for example!), you'll find me in front of the television watching the newest episode of Gossip Girl. That Monday night, however, I was living Gossip Girl. It was very surreal with the paparazzi, red carpets, and just the sheer atmosphere and mood of the venue. It was nice to do something different, step out of our comfort zone, and watch the models step out onto the runway. So much for NY Fashion Week. Houston, we have a solution: Fashion Houston 2010.