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I say I like list making, but my blog wouldn't prove that to you, so this post will serve two-fold: make my list-making fetish more evident while also making it quick so I can rest up for my fitness test at 8:30.

So here are the 10 current thoughts on my mind:

1. Can't wait for the Super Hero Pep Rally on Friday for our first round in the playoffs. Get ready for these outfits--they may be the best yet.

2. I bought Lupe Fiasco's newest song "The Show Goes On" only hours ago and it's been on repeat all night long as I've completed my St. Jude's letters. It's addicting and real good, despite Lana's reaction too it being "too black for her whiteness." This is why I love you, Lan.

3. I have one six-weeks of high school left that actually counts. What. A. Relief.

4. My sista sheri comes home in 21 days. Can't wait :)

5. Speaking of sisters, my other sister Amy introduced me to a fabulous spot in City Centre called Flora + Muse. It embodies a similar mood to Tiny Boxwoods, but much more convenient and the best part of all--it's open 'til 2 am on weekends. Perfect substitute for the ever-so-dull Chocolate Bar for a late night coffee and pastry.

7. I sent Emily an email of my college essay--something I've been meaning to do for awhile. She quickly replied with:

Hi Molly,

Thank you so much for your note and for brightening my day. I'm very touched that you chose to write about me and your essay was thought out, extremely organized and well written. Thank you for writing about me and I wish you all the best in your college search!


No, girl, you brightened my day.

7. Gossip Girl keeps getting better. Julianne and I still enjoy reading NY Magazine's reality index. This week's top two--
Literally everyone on this show is reading Colin’s book. Minus 2, because not only do we not believe these people read, but we especially do not believe they read books that don’t have pictures on the cover.

Plus 20 for when the dean turns to Vanessa and says what we’ve been dying to say for years now: “I’m sorry, who are you?”

Now comes the real concern: Derena or Serenate? Frankly, I'm torn. Combo Package? Truth be told, it's not all that unlike you, S.

8. Last Friday, the girls of Memorial High School went mad. Mad for the males, that is. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors alike all have a formal coming up right after the holidays. And for whatever reason, a chain effect of asking started and by the time the 3 o'clock bell had rung, every date had been snagged. Naturally, I ended up with my cheer partner Brent. Can't go wrong with a cheer boy!

9. I spent last weekend with my friends Julianne, Maddie, Brooke, and Kirby in Austin and wanted to give a big congrats for our tennis team winning 2nd in State (even though you deserved 1st!) Anyway, I loved our weekend full of Bob, spilt drinks, car jams, candy theft, grocery store exploring, parking lot raves, chats and cuddles. Round II, soon? And thanks for hosting, Aly!

10. I'll be ringing in my graduation year--2011--in style. You all will most likely be watching it on TV, but I will be right in Times Square watching the ball drop live. Yes! Christmas and New Years in New York. I can't think of a better place to spend my holidays and kick off second semester. Or better friends...Lexi, Natalie, and Liz (and Caro, you're coming!!). You all know Lexi well from past posts, but I don't believe you're well acquainted with Nat and Liz. So, allow me...
& Liz

That makes it a nice round number of 10 thoughts. And that also makes it a late night of 1:45 am. Time for my slumber!


Lana B said...


1. Love you too.

2. Gossip Girl thing..... SO FUNNY. So true.