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You know how little kids play secretary by picking up the phone and talking to the buzzer at the other end of the line? Or when toddlers ask for a pretend cash register to play cashier? Those were the days when dreaming big was still something worthwhile. It was still something left untouched by the looming shadow of doubt, grades, worry, or fear. Now while becoming a local cashier or even a secretary might not be dreaming big, “Elle” magazine’s fashion editor is. I've managed to create my own hobby that allows me to explore my abilities for my future career goals—my blog. I may not have purchased it at Toys R Us, but it certainly gives me the same joy a five-year-old gets playing with that new toy every time I work on my blog.

My blog used to be private--hence the name Bridget's Own Diary. Word spread, however, and suddenly everything from my daily reflections to my most recently purchased song on iTunes was made available to the entire student body. Next thing I know, it’s featured in the school newspaper and the link is on my friends’ Facebook pages. It was surreal; people were interested in what I had to say.

I sit with my laptop surrounded by my four bedroom walls writing until my eyelids become too heavy and my fingers become too numb. I envision that the bulletin board in front of me will one day become an office window overlooking Park Avenue in New York City at a fashion magazine office.

I always thought of myself as a math-oriented person. I got a thrill from solving a problem, taking something complex and simplifying it. But, in starting my blog, I found just the opposite in myself. I found a desire to create something from nothing, a desire to expand ideas, provide more depth to them, and essentially seek the complexities in life.

So while the subject of my latest post may be about something as frivolous as a successful shopping trip last weekend, it’s more than just clothes, photos and irrelevant blabbing. Though it may seem to be simply the journal of the twenty-first century, it truly is the most satisfying creative outlet for me. It’s where I become something bigger than Molly the student, cheerleader, or class president. I become Molly the writer.


Amy said...

Molly! I love this post! I always thought I was more of a pragmatic, math and science kind of girl... so I'm majoring in mechanical engineering - but I really don't like it! I'm planning to switch my major to business with an emphasis in marketing, and minoring in journalism or advertising, so that (just like you) I can use that other half of my brain and get my creative outlet!

Mollie Williams said...


Anonymous said...

А! Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!

Anonymous said...

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