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Making the seasonal closet transition is bittersweet. The bitter part being the hassle of having to lug your scarves, sweater dresses, and patterned tights from the guest closet into your everyday wardrobe. Then there's the other half of the battle: removing all the sandals, shades of white, and sleeveless tops. And Houston doesn't make the timing of this process easy with its constantly fluctuating weather conditions. It was nearly 90 degrees outside today and it's November, people. There's just something paradoxical about the glittery red holiday bows adorning the store tops in Highland Village and the window shoppers clothed in denim cutoffs and gladiator sandals, isn't there?

And it's just that confusion that brings me to the topic of fashion shows. Just two weeks ago I attended my very first featuring all of the upcoming styles for Spring 2011. I have barely figured out what boots I will be wearing in December, much less what cover up I will be wearing in Mexico over spring break. Aside from that small detail, the show was a total success. It was Houston's first annual Fashion Houston--a four day event featuring designers like Christian Siriano, Elaine Turner, Lauren Bush, Chloe Dao, Marc Bouwer, and even the online store Net-a-Porter. My friends Julianne and Makenna joined me for the opening night festivities.

The night started out under a huge tent featuring retailers, a Laura Mercier make-up counter, and a photo both we had fun with (as seen above).


After exploring the booths on the red carpet, we made our way into the Wortham Center for the three shows. Here's a brief on the three designers we saw.

Cesar Galindo- A native Houstonian who got his start on 7th street in the 1980s and eventually worked his way up to designing his own label that sells to major retailers like Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale's.

Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010
This look has the necklace draping the model's back. Every model's hair was styled this way. Bump-It much, Cesar? I think so!
Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010 Cesar Galindo | Audi Fashion Houston 2010
The sleeves on the dress caught my eye as well as the trouser on the right. His designs are more for adults, so I wouldn't say I'd put him on my list of top five faves, but his designs are still quite impressive.

Lyn Devon- Her style reflects her passion for modernizing iconic American design with style idols like the classic Audrey Hepburn. She is a born and raised New Yorker and studied at Parsons; she worked with Ralph Lauren before doing her own thing.

The neon color palette trend continues.

This epitomized the Audrey Hepburn iconic look I spoke of earlier.

Lyn Devon | Audi Fashion Houston 2010Her spring line consisted of mostly monochromatic pieces with touches of vibrant color as seen in the yellow number above.

Christian Siriano- Christian is Project Runway's 4th season winner. Since then, he makes yearly appearances to NY's Fashion Week and has an ever-growing list of celebrity clients including Lady GaGa, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham.

Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston
The red snake skin skirt seen above made me a tad bit less fearless to don the similar one I purchased in Vienna this summer. Leather shorts are flooding the stores for the winter to be paired with patterned tights or to add edge to a lacy look. Christian carries this trend into spring with this beautiful camel colored loose-fitted pair.

Here's Christian with three of his models.

Christian Siriano | Audi Fashion HoustonChristian Siriano | Audi Fashion Houston
As I've mentioned more than once, I love crisp white blouses, so the look on the left really struch a chord with me. I love what Christian did with neutrals and camel colored leather. The leather jacket over the maxi dress was one of my favorite looks of the night. His ability to pair brown on brown on brown successfully is a talent that makes Siriano a force to be reckoned with.

His line was definitely the grande finale of the night receiving an overwhelming applause from the audience so much so that Siriano came out and took a bow afterwards.
His stunning finale gown that had all the jaws dropping in the audience. Don't know where the everyday American would wear this, but if I got an invite to the Oscars next January I would definitely be in contact with Siriano for this gown.

The three designers proved their talent while all offering something different to the table. We saw everything from classic and elegant to modern and edgy designs within the 2 hours worth of shows.

With Season 2 Project Runway Winner Chloe Dao. A Houston native and owner of Rice Village boutique Lot 8.


On a typical Monday night (like tonight for example!), you'll find me in front of the television watching the newest episode of Gossip Girl. That Monday night, however, I was living Gossip Girl. It was very surreal with the paparazzi, red carpets, and just the sheer atmosphere and mood of the venue. It was nice to do something different, step out of our comfort zone, and watch the models step out onto the runway. So much for NY Fashion Week. Houston, we have a solution: Fashion Houston 2010.